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The Hot Hand: Fantasy Basketball Week 5

(by EricOnSports)

Another exciting week has gone by in the NBA. First, I’d like to welcome all the fantasy GMs who drafted D-Rose early and the whole city of Chicago back to planet Earth. It’s sad but it’s true; Rose is gone for the season. Fear not, because the light of my foresight shall redeem you and your fantasy team. Thanksgiving is just around the corner but don’t save your appetite. Instead, feast upon the glory that is Week 5 of The Hot Hand: Fantasy Basketball. [More] - 2 comments

2012 Preseason Mock Draft

(by jphanned)

We got together 12 of the Cafe’s finest veterans for this mock draft and produced some excellent results during the past three weeks. This year the pack has broken up a bit, and there is much more debate about where to rank players below the upper tier. Do you draft the player who broke out last season, or do you go for the player who had a disappointing year but is due to bounce back? These veterans will help you answer your questions with pick-by-pick analysis and commentary. Here are the results, enjoy! [More]

Sleeper Watch

(by kooljae88)

Eric Gordon (SG-LAC) – Eric Gordon is technically a post-hype sleeper, since many thought he was going to breakout last year. However, due to inconsistency and lingering injuries, he wasn’t able to get into any rhythm. In his rookie season, he was showing serious signs of a breakout sophomore campaign, averaging¬†16.1 points and 1.7 threes made per game. Therefore, those of you who drafted Gordon expected a serious leap in production. [More] - 3 comments
The Hot Hand: Fantasy Basketball Week 4
By EricOnSports.
If your fantasy team is anything like mine, then you saw your fair share of ups and downs in week 3. In my case, I won out over my opponent and yet I feel that I did not crush my c... [More]

The Hot Hand: Fantasy Basketball Week 3
By EricOnSports.
Another week in the NBA and another crop of startling performances both bad and good. If you've continued to win, then congratulations; you must be following my advice. If you are ... [More]

The Hot Hand: Fantasy Basketball Week One
By EricOnSports.
The NBA is back and more electrifying than ever. A wild and crazy first week saw plenty of stellar performances from unexpected sources and likewise more than enough failure from h... [More]

Early Keeper Thoughts...
By Adam Laforet.
One more fantasy hoops season is in the books. It was a pretty crazy ride too – injuries aplenty, crazy out of nowhere players, and a lot of general fantasy weirdness. For some m... [More]

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