StrategyFebruary 17, 2006

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Roto Withdrawal
A look at the H2H Playoff Schedule

By Mike Antoine

Roto withdrawal: Soon to be my medical diagnosis, this is my first fantasy season that I did not enter one single Roto league. Gasp! It has been torture. Unlike some fantasy managers, I refuse to obtain a second Yahoo ID for the sole purpose of participating in more fantasy basketball. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

At the start of the season, I had committed to four leagues and without even realizing it, not a single one of them were a Rotisserie league. I had entered three head-to-head leagues and one points league. And that was that! And so, without my trusty Roto league strategy keeping me company, I am left to ponder how to ensure myself victory in my head-to-head leagues (I’m fairly confident I’ll have the points league pretty wrapped up when all is said and done). And I need to keep in mind, the fantasy trading deadline is only a few weeks away.

As I sit and ponder how I can defeat our current leaders of Turmoil and MeShawn in the Cafe’s Bonanza Keeper League, or defeat current leaders angels7777 and DGLitch in the Cafe’s Hilarious Keeper League, I look to the fantasy playoff schedule and for some answers.

At basketballmonster, they have this nifty Ease Rankings analysis. After adjusting my league settings on that website to Yahoo’s standard league format, I ran an Ease Rankings analysis. Here’s what I found based on current ease analysis:

Week 1 Playoff Guards: Charlotte has the easiest overall schedule for guards over their three games that week. Phoenix guards will play the most games with five, but they’ll have the fifth worst schedule in terms of ease ranking.

Week 2 Playoff Forwards: Houston forwards should thrive in their four games in week 2 of the playoffs as they have the easiest schedule by a wide margin over any other team. Incidentally, the team with the worst ease schedule for forwards, Sacramento, lay claims to that worst ease schedule by a wide margin as well.

Final Week Playoff Centers: The New Jersey Nets centers lay claim to the easiest schedule in the final playoff week. Not having much faith in Nenad, I look to who has the second easiest schedule and I see that is owned by the Washington Wizards. The worst ease schedule in the final week is owned by the Golden State Warriors. Probably a good thing since no one should own a Golden State Warrior center in standard league setup this season anyway (no offense to Adonal and Ike).

With that all said, if you’d like a summary analysis of what teams and positions have the easiest and most difficult ease schedules during the playoffs, please see these write-ups below. I’ll do my best to keep them updated throughout the remainder of the fantasy season.


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