HumorMay 31, 2006

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Excuse Me While I Bang My Head on This Table… Part I

By Jordan Cohen

Let me introduce myself since this will be my first (and hopefully not last) article here at the Fantasy Basketball Cafe. My screen name is Netsfan5, the smart, witty, Nets fan of the Cafe. With that over with, when I came to the Cafe, I joined as many keeper leagues as I could. I commish two and am an owner in three additional other leagues. The one that I will have the most problems in, is the Hardwood Master’s Keeper League.

This league was the first that I joined, and I felt a little cocky and confident. Due to this, I made a trade I should regret, but can’t… but before we see what I did and analyze it, let’s start from the end.

Here are some things that members in the league had to say about my trade…

“and with your third and fourth picks you are guaranteed two of these four…
Telfair/Donyell/Kurt Thomas/Turiaf”

“What can I say, I speak my mind. If I think you did something stupid, I will tell you.”

“Netsfan5, expect plenty of trade offers from me during the season because I am currently doubting your managing abilities. ”

“Netsfan5 is the only manager here who would do that deal. He even admiited that he had never traded picks before and it shows.”

“Basically your unproven ‘experiment’ is coming at the expense of the rest of the league… ”

“I’ll admit that I’m a bit skeptical of Netsfan’s plan to draft his remaining keepers in the fifth and sixth round, but I’m looking forward to being surprised.”

Looking back, I got bashed pretty good. Now that everyone got their popcorn, I must pull a movie cliche’ and leave you with a cliffhanger.

What did I do?
Why am I such an idiot?
What kind of trade could cause such a stir?

Find out with the follow up article, after I get stitches for banging my head on the table.

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