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Excuse Me While I Bang My Head on This Table… Part II

By Jordan Cohen

I know you have been waiting to find out what really happened in the Hardwood Master’s Keeper League. Although you may have gone into the forum and viewed the trade in there, I want to update you on a few wise words from league members.

After reading Netsfan’s article, I don’t know why you guys are hating on him. It wasn’t that bad of a trade.” This man is an angel.

It’s bad because of how it affects the rest of the league. Amare is in prime position to draft 5 very high quality keepers while Nets thinks he can pull a Shaq-Kobe and win it all off 2 studs. It was a not that great of a trade. His next pick isn’t until like round 5-6.

Here is what I did, and right now, I have no explanation for it, but it can either be the steal of the century, or the biggest bust ever. I recieved picks 1.08, 5.08, 6.05, and 7.08 for picks 2.07, 3.06, 4.07, and 9.06. Originally, I was to draft in the sixth slot of a snake draft. As a result of the trade, my drafting rounds were as follows: 1, 1, 5, 5, 6, 6, 7, and 7.

However, after some complaining and a typo by the commish, a subsequent trade was made between the other trade member and me to make the situation more fair. I recieved pick 4.07 for 5.08. As a result of this subsequent trade, my drafting rounds are as follows: 1, 1, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7, and 7. It’s a small improvement.

By making the trade, I decided to give up depth for studs. Since the league is a five keeper, H-2-H league, the trade becomes a bit more reasonable. There is talent available in rounds six and seven. In the mid rounds, I could select a player similar to last season’s Chris Paul or Gerald Wallace. With my fourth round selection, I can select players such as Raymond Felton, Caron Butler, Richard Jefferson, Boris Diaw, Carmelo Anthony, or Jason Richardson. Now, combine that talent with Kobe Bryant and Andrei Kirilenko (”AK47″). Wow! With a good draft strategy, I could compete as a “statfillers” team.

You may ask why do I think I’ll select those two players (Kobe and AK47)? In the article response thread, I would appreciate all opinions, however, in the league forum, it has been suggested that Wade will be selected as the fourth pick. That is why I believe Kobe will fall to my selection spot at sixth. Let’s take a look at some draft strategies.

Big – Drafting Brand and Amare would be amazing, but filling out the guard spots with big friendly players would be difficult, and the draft would need to go perfect for me. Selecting Wade instead of Amare would help fill the guard spots better, but he will most likely be taken already.

Small – Drafting Kobe and Arenas would be sweet, but it likely won’t happen due to the fact that the member drafting seventh will be selecting a guard (i.e Kobe or Arenas). Another small option is drafting Kobe and Chris Paul, and while I am very high on Paul, selecting him at 1.08 is too early and drafting small bigs later in the draft would be difficult.

Balanced – This approach would be to draft Kobe and Brand. A great start to a team, but my preference is to have a set strategy (especially when I have an opportunity to have two studs to build it with).

Statfillers (pts, rebs, asts, stls, blks, 3s) – Drafting Kobe and Andre Kirilenko is a very good possibility. The team would have great points, steals, and threes from Kobe. It would have amazing blocks and steals from AK47. Both players are above average in assists and rebounds, not to mention that AK47 hits the three ball. Drafting statfillers also allows me to ignore perecentages and TOs, which means J-Rich could warrant a fourth round selection.

The statfillers strategy is my favorite thus far. Then again, at one point I considered drafting Bosh and Yao, so anything is possible. What are your thoughts? Should I have banged my head on the table, or am I right that this was a great trade?

Jordan Cohen is one of a growing number of fantasy experts who write for the Cafe. You can catch up with Jordan and all the other authors in the Cafe's forums.
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