SleepersFebruary 11, 2008

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Sleeper Watch

By Jonathan Huang

The rebuilding situation in Philadelphia has helped the young man immensely, as all Thaddeus Young needed was an opportunity to play. Young is quietly one of the most efficient rookies of the 2008 draft class. On a team where his selection was heavily questioned by media and others, Young has gone out to prove those doubters wrong.

Philadelphia was a team laden with swingman-type players including star Andre Iguodala, Rodney Carney, and for a while, Kyle Korver. It was perceived that Young would have difficulty getting playing time. However, with the trade of Kyle Korver to the Utah Jazz, Sixers coach Mo Cheeks has begun experimenting with his lineups.

As Young began to get more and more time in the rotation (and eventually slotted into the starting lineup) he started to play very well. Over the past three games he’s averaged about 32 minutes and is producing 12.3 points and 7 rebounds per on a blazing 70% from the field!

As we inch towards All-Star Weekend and festivities in the Big Easy, don’t forget about this young guy. Look for him to pick up the pace to help the Sixers make a run for the playoffs and perhaps even make a push for the All-Rookie Team.

Jonathan is one of a number of fantasy basketball experts that writes for the Cafe. You can find Jonathan posting in the Cafe forums as baller_crimson.
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