StrategyJanuary 15, 2008

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By abe chong

Pretty much in every action movie, there’s a scene where somebody is hanging off a cliff (or something perilous, like a helicopter), clutching someone’s arm above them, and begging: “Don’t let go!”

Only one of two options can happen at this point:

1. The two characters lock eyes, find inner strength, narrow their eyes in determination, and then finally clasp their remaining arms, pulling themselves to safety.

2. The gripping hand starts to slip, followed by increased frantic pleas from hanging character, ending with somebody falling to their doom, dramatically flailing and screaming for emphasis.

This is what if feels like for fantasy addicts when it comes down to who to drop. At request of fellow Cafe member The Thrill, I’m presenting the “Option One” list. If you’ve got one of the following guys and are thinking of letting go, lock eyes with your player, find inner strength, narrow your eyes… you get the point!

Option Ones

Ben Wallace: Although it’s safe to say that Wallace will never be the player he used to be, Big Ben is still ticking. He was dropped outright in one of my leagues, and that ain’t right. Even if you hate starting him, you’ll regret it if you drop him outright in a 12 team or larger league. With good bigs being a rarity, Wallace will have extremely productive outbursts throughout the season. He may be past his prime, but he’s only two years removed from elite rebounding and defensive numbers.

David Lee: I’m a big believer in the saying “If you display a talent, you own it”. Lee certainly displayed what he could do last season as a special fantasy player in limited minutes, and players like Lee with no negative category outputs are rare. His minutes have fluctuated wildly this season, making his inconsistency almost completely unbearable. But something has to change in New York, right?

Andrea Bargnani: This Italian has more than just a girl’s first name. He’s got game, and he’s got a staff that wants him to succeed. The Raptors are starting Bargnani at center and hoping for him to bury from deep while drawing opposing big men out to the perimeter. Their former #1 pick offers a rare combo of 3s and blocks and is in the best possible game-to-game position: If he’s playing well, he’ll stay out on the floor as long as possible. If not, they’ll monitor his minutes. We’ve seen enough to know that Bargnani is too talented to not take advantage of his opportunity.

Jameer Nelson: There’s still time for him to salvage his season, but he’s hanging by a thread. The main reason I don’t drop him is because doing so would admit mistake, because I traded for Nelson’s “talent”. That would be like I’m admitting I was wrong. So I’ll hang onto him and play him just to prove I’m right. Now I know what it feels like to reason like Isiah Thomas.

Abe is hardcore Bay Area sports fan whose been playing fantasy sports for 5+ years. You can find abe posting in the forums as heckler408.
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