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Mock – Yeah! – Ing – Yeah! – Bird – Yeah!

By Jim G.

Ahhh, Mock Drafts. . . The only type of draft that doesn’t end up rearing its ugly head at the end of the season to mock my total lack of strategy during the draft (Yes, I should get bonus points for winning steals by 350+; No I should not get penalized even more by losing turnovers by 800+).Of course, many people participate in mock drafts for all sorts of different reasons. Mocks can be used for future drafts, figuring out whom this season’s sleepers will be, calculating values of certain players, or in my case, getting a chance to rub elbows with some of the best fantasy minds out there.

For those of you who didn’t know, Mock Draft Central held their first Fantasy Basketball Expert Draft of 2007 on September 19 that featured some of the best sites out there, including the one and only Fantasy Basketball Cafe. I was the lone representative from the FBC and felt a little awkward at first, but once I saw Shaq even listed in the ranks and saw Bogut go in the third round (sorry Jorge), all of that nervous energy disappeared and I was ready to dominate.

The league was an eight category ROTO league, sans turnovers, where we were required to start four guards, four forwards, and two centers. I’ll discuss my own pick, the best pick, and the worst pick for each round.

Drafters and Draft Position

1. Dennis Matecun – MockDraftCentral.com
2. Scott Sargent – SportsRumblings.com
3. David Klyce – HoopsKlyce.com
4. Dennis Velasco – DroppingDimes.com
5. Jorge Menocal – FantasyInsider.com
6. Geoff Stein – MockDraftCentral.com
7. Matt Buser – Yahoo.com (and FantasyBasketballCafe.com regular)
8. Ken Slight – BasketballMonster.com
9. Steve Alexander – Rotoworld.com
10. Jim Ganschow – FantasyBasketballCafe.com
11. Tommy Beer – HoopsWorld.com
12. B.J. VanderWoude – GameTimeDecisions.net

Round 1

1. Dennis Matecun – Kevin Garnett (F)

2. Scott Sargent – Kobe Bryant (G)
3. David Klyce – Dirk Nowitzki (F)
4. Dennis Velasco – Shawn Marion (F)
5. Jorge Menocal – Lebron James (F)
6. Geoff Stein – Gilbert Arenas (G)
7. Matt Buser – Steve Nash (G)
8. Ken Slight – Amare Stoudemire (C)
9. Steven Alexander – Yao Ming (C)
10. Jim Ganschow – Dwyane Wade (G)
11. Tommy Beer – Jason Kidd (G)
12. B.J. VanderWoude – Chris Paul (G)

My pick: Dwyane Wade is obviously an injury concern (at least for the start of the season), but he has shown he can play through injury, and without turnovers, he becomes a gamble I’m willing to take.

Best pick:
Tough to pick a best pick of the first round, but I like the Kobe pick by Scott. Two things can happen, he plays the same as always and is a guaranteed top 5 fantasy player, or he’s a man on a mission and dominates like no other.

Worst pick: I don’t like Chris Paul in the first round. Even without the turnovers I don’t see him cracking the top 12, and in my opinion, it’s not great to hope for upside out of your first pick.

Round 2

1. B.J. VanderWoude – Chris Bosh (F)

2. Tommy Beer – Tim Duncan (F)
3. Jim Ganschow – Pau Gasol (C)
4. Steven Alexander – Josh Smith (F)
5. Ken Slight – Rashard Lewis (F)
6. Matt Buser – Caron Butler (F)
7. Geoff Stein – Allen Iverson (G)
8. Jorge Menocal – Baron Davis (G)
9. Dennis Velasco – Andre Iguodala (F)
10. David Klyce – Vince Carter (G)
11. Scott Sargent – Dwight Howard (C)
12. Dennis Matecun – Paul Pierce (F)

My pick: Pau Gasol seemed pretty obvious to me in a roto league. I didn’t reach for him value wise and now I have a combo of Wade and Gasol that only lack threes; a category that can easily be made up for later in the draft.

Best pick: I’ll take Rashard Lewis for the best pick of the second round. His roto line is one of the best in the game and probably should be getting picked in the first if people weren’t scared off by the scene change.

Worst pick: I wouldn’t take Howard in the second round of a H2H league, let alone a roto. Nice combo with Kobe, but I think Howard would have been there later in the draft.


Round 3

1. Dennis Matecun – Deron Williams (G)

2. Scott Sargent – Marcus Camby (C)
3. David Klyce – Carmelo Anthony (F)
4. Dennis Velasco – Gerald Wallace (F)
5. Jorge Menocal – Andrew Bogut (C)
6. Geoff Stein – Carlos Boozer (F)
7. Matt Buser – Ray Allen (G)
8. Ken Slight – Chauncey Billups (G)
9. Steven Alexander – Tracy McGrady (G)
10. Jim Ganschow – Michael Redd (F)
11. Tommy Beer – Joe Johnson (G)
12. B.J. VanderWoude – Tyson Chandler (C)

My pick: I was hoping that one of Ray Allen or Chauncey Billups would fall to me, but I can’t really complain with landing Redd. The threes were necessary and the high free throw percentage will be nice early on.

Best pick: I’m torn between Ray Allen and Chauncey Billups. Both guys probably should have been taken before Baron Davis, Dwight Howard, and others for sure.

Worst pick: Andrew Bogut overshadows every other bad pick in this draft hands down.


Round 4

1. B.J. VanderWoude – Brandon Roy (G)

2. Tommy Beer – Jermaine O’Neal (F)
3. Jim Ganschow – Josh Howard (F)
4. Steven Alexander – Kirk Hinrich (G)
5. Ken Slight – Al Jefferson (C)
6. Matt Buser – Leandro Barbosa (G)
7. Geoff Stein – Mehmet Okur (C)
8. Jorge Menocal – Ben Gordon (G)
9. Dennis Velasco – Antawn Jamison (F)
10. David Klyce – Emeka Okafor (C)
11. Scott Sargent – Raymond Felton (G)
12. Dennis Matecun – David West (F)

My pick: I’ve found that I’ve fallen in love with Josh Howard this season. I’ve been drafting him in almost every league I’m in and find him to be a steal in the 4th round. He has a great all around game, with just a touch of injury concerns.

Best pick: Kirk Hinrich was great toward the end of last season, and he seems to be one of the few players who still has some upside to his game. Roy could explode as well, but in the early 4th, its hard to consider that the steal of the draft.

Worst pick: I’m going to pick West for the worst of the 4th. He’s good in roto leagues because he’s efficient. When turnovers are dropped, his value doesn’t enlarge much, and I find it hard for him to increase his two strong suits, points and boards, with Peja and Chandler around respectively.


Round 5

1. Dennis Matecun – Ricky Davis (F)

2. Scott Sargent – Kevin Martin (G)
3. David Klyce – Manu Ginobili (G)
4. Dennis Velasco – Kevin Durant (F)
5. Jorge Menocal – Ron Artest (F)
6. Geoff Stein – Rasheed Wallace (F)
7. Matt Buser – Lamar Odom (F)
8. Ken Slight – Mike Miller (F)
9. Steven Alexander – Luol Deng (F)
10. Jim Ganschow – Jason Terry (G)
11. Tommy Beer – Tony Parker (G)
12. B.J. VanderWoude – Ben Wallace (C)

My pick: Terry is another roto monster in that his percentages are great for a guy that can shoot the three (a stat combo not easily found together). The assists are also a nice bonus for a guy who seems more shoot first.

Best pick: Lots of safe picks this round, so I’ve got to give Dennis some credit and say Durant was the best pick. The fifth round is not bad for Durant and considering his turnovers are literally non existent, I see him as a nice gamble here.

Worst pick: Ben Wallace is way past his prime and the Bulls playing time situation doesn’t help him any. Take into account he has one of the best positive statline-to-turnover rates, and he was just a total waste of a pick at this point in the draft.


Round 6

1. B.J. VanderWoude – Andre Miller (G)

2. Tommy Beer – Mo Williams (G)
3. Jim Ganschow – Samuel Dalembert (C)
4. Steven Alexander – Rajon Rondo (G)
5. Ken Slight – Randy Foye (G)
6. Matt Buser – LaMarcus Aldridge (C)
7. Geoff Stein – Andrei Kirilenko (F)
8. Jorge Menocal – Mike Bibby (G)
9. Dennis Velasco – Jason Richardson (F)
10. David Klyce – Andrea Bargnani (F)
11. Scott Sargent – Danny Granger (F)
12. Dennis Matecun – Andris Biedrins (C)

My pick: Dalembert gives me the big man stats I wanted without sacrificing free throw percentage. The drop off in centers after him is pretty steep with each guy having injury concerns, or other statistical faults.

Best pick: Foye could possibly be this season’s biggest steal. He could also be a huge bust. Last season he was barely ranked and this season he could be the next Kevin Martin.

Worst pick: I think Bargnani was a huge reach. He’s still a ways away from getting better, and Toronto likes to play their bench. I see significant improvement from Bargs, but not enough to warrant a sixth round pick at this point.

Round 7

1. Dennis Matecun – Stephon Marbury (G)

2. Scott Sargent – TJ Ford (G)
3. David Klyce – Monta Ellis (G)
4. Dennis Velasco – Jameer Nelson (G)
5. Jorge Menocal – Kyle Korver (F)
6. Geoff Stein – Al Harrington (C)
7. Matt Buser – Corey Maggette (F)
8. Ken Slight – Stephen Jackson (F)
9. Steven Alexander – Richard Jefferson (F)
10. Jim Ganschow – Josh Childress (G)
11. Tommy Beer – Zach Randolph (F)
12. B.J. VanderWoude – Tayshaun Prince (F)

My pick: I caught a lot of heck for drafting Childress, but I like his all around game and I told myself that if I could get him after the 6th round, I would.

Best pick: I hate to say it, but Zach Randolph was an absolute steal. If his numbers improve at all he could put up third to fourth round value. If they don’t, he still was worth the late seventh round pick.

Worst pick: Nelson was supposed to blossom into a fantasy superstar last season and disappointed a lot of people. I don’t see his value getting much better this season, considering his main value last season was points and he looks to get fewer touches this upcoming season.


Round 8

1. B.J. VanderWoude – Andres Nocioni (F)

2. Tommy Beer – Brad Miller (C)
3. Jim Ganschow – Peja Stojakovic (G)
4. Steven Alexander – Nene Hilario (F)
5. Ken Slight – Rudy Gay (F)
6. Matt Buser – Richard Hamilton (G)
7. Geoff Stein – Tyrus Thomas (F)
8. Jorge Menocal – Zydrunas Ilgauskas (C)
9. Dennis Velasco – Mike Conley Jr. (G)
10. David Klyce – Jarrett Jack (G)
11. Scott Sargent – Chris Kaman (C)
12. Dennis Matecun – Eddy Curry (C)

My pick: Peja was and is a high risk high reward pick, but in the eighth round I have no problem with that.

Best pick: Hamilton is a very safe pick here, but I like the value. He tends to get over looked because he’s not flashy.

Worst pick: Curry is always the worst pick in a round no matter what round he’s drafted in. He looks to get fewer boards and fewer scoring opportunities with Randolph in New York, which is a major concern for a guy who isn’t good for much else.


Round 9

1. Dennis Matecun – Boris Diaw (F)

2. Scott Sargent – Al Thornton (F)
3. David Klyce – Paul Millsap (F)
4. Dennis Velasco – Shaquille O’Neal (C)
5. Jorge Menocal – Marco Belinelli (G)
6. Geoff Stein – Raja Bell (G)
7. Matt Buser – Darko Milicic (F)
8. Ken Slight – Anthony Parker (F)
9. Steven Alexander – Morris Peterson (G)
10. Jim Ganschow – Shane Battier (F)
11. Tommy Beer – Chucky Atkins (G)
12. B.J. VanderWoude – Jamal Crawford (G)

My pick: Apparently everyone avoids the roto friendly players when turnovers are eliminated. Battier puts up a nice line and with a new up-tempo offense in Houston I think he might get some more three point and scoring opportunities.

Best pick: Raja Bell doesn’t jump out as a great pick, but when you compare him to some of the other players selected this round, he looks like a fantasy goldmine.

Worst pick: I like the potential of Belinelli, but the ninth round is about five rounds too early for me. I don’t even want to comment on Shaq….


Round 10

1. B.J. VanderWoude – Jeff Green (F)

2. Tommy Beer – Nenad Krstic (C)
3. Jim Ganschow – Luke Walton (F)
4. Steven Alexander – Al Horford (F)
5. Ken Slight – David Lee (F)
6. Matt Buser – Troy Murphy (C)
7. Geoff Stein – Acie Law IV (G)
8. Jorge Menocal – Yi Jianlian (F)
9. Dennis Velasco – Nick Collison (C)
10. David Klyce – Andrew Bynum (C)
11. Scott Sargent – Travis Outlaw (F)
12. Dennis Matecun – Channing Frye (F)

My pick: I think Luke Walton can crack top 50 value this season with ease. He has the right attitude and teammates to have a complete fantasy game.

Best pick: I’m torn between David Lee, who I’m a sucker for, and the potential of Channing Frye in Portland. Either way, both guys have immense potential, but need the playing time.

Worst pick: I don’t see Travis Outlaw doing enough consistently to warrant a roster spot. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong, but I doubt it.


Round 11

1. Dennis Matecun – Drew Gooden (F)

2. Scott Sargent – Delonte West (G)
3. David Klyce – Charlie Villanueva (F)
4. Dennis Velasco – Jamaal Tinsley (G)
5. Jorge Menocal – Marvin Williams (F)
6. Geoff Stein – Brevin Knight (G)
7. Matt Buser – Walter Herrman (F)
8. Ken Slight – Devin Harris (G)
9. Steven Alexander – Steve Francis (G)
10. Jim Ganschow – Ryan Gomes (F)
11. Tommy Beer – Grant Hill (G)
12. B.J. VanderWoude – Larry Hughes (G)

My pick: Ryan Gomes is another guy I’ve been drafting in almost all of my leagues. In the eleventh round and with the way the draft has gone so far, I have no regrets about picking him and hoping for the best in Minnesota.

Best pick: If Jamaal Tinsley can stay healthy even for a few weeks, he’s a worthwhile pick here. The assist and steals numbers are off the charts for an eleventh round pick.

Worst pick: I’ve never been a fan of Marvin Williams and I think he could have been had a lot later in the draft if someone thinks he has a chance of producing this season.


Round 12

1. B.J. VanderWoude – Jamaal Magloire (C)

2. Tommy Beer – Tim Thomas (F)
3. Jim Ganschow – Charlie Bell (G)
4. Steven Alexander – Derek Fisher (G)
5. Ken Slight – Cuttino Mobley (G)
6. Matt Buser – Elton Brand (F)
7. Geoff Stein – Jose Calderon (G)
8. Jorge Menocal – Sam Cassell (G)
9. Dennis Velasco – JR Smith (G)
10. David Klyce – Hakim Warrick (F)
11. Scott Sargent – Chris Wilcox (F)
12. Dennis Matecun – Hedo Turkoglu (F)

My pick: When this draft took place, there was a good chance Charlie Bell was going to be signed by the Heat. My team was in desperate need of assists and he seemed like a good fix. Unfortunately the Bucks quickly sucked the life out of that dream.

Best pick: Elton Brand is such a good guy, all I can do is say he is the best pick and hope my positive attitude helps him heal quicker. Cuttino Mobley was also an absolute steal that everyone realized after he was picked.

Worst pick: I think Magloire will help the Nets out a ton, but I don’t think he’ll have any fantasy value whatsoever.


Round 13

1. Dennis Matecun – Trevor Ariza (F)

2. Scott Sargent – Jason Maxiell (F)
3. David Klyce – Mike Dunleavy (G)
4. Dennis Velasco – Sean Williams (C)
5. Jorge Menocal –Erick Dampier (C)
6. Geoff Stein – Antonio McDyess (F)
7. Matt Buser – Luis Scola (F)
8. Ken Slight – Sean May (F)
9. Steven Alexander – Quentin Richardson (F)
10. Jim Ganschow – Earl Watson (G)
11. Tommy Beer – Wally Szczerbiak (F)
12. B.J. VanderWoude – Luke Ridnour (G)

My pick: This was a mistake on my part. I still needed assists and saw Watson there. Didn’t realize Ridnour hadn’t been picked yet. Whoops.

Best pick: Mike Dunleavy was an absolute steal here. I think had he still been around I would have taken him despite my total lack of assists and need for a PG.

Worst pick: I’ll say Trevor Ariza only because I like the upside of a lot of the other guys who were drafted. Dampier also seems like a wasted pick to me considering Jorge’s front court depth.


Round 14

1. B.J. VanderWoude – Joakim Noah (C)

2. Tommy Beer – Daniel Gibson (G)
3. Jim Ganschow – Robert Swift (C)
4. Steven Alexander – Mark Blount (C)
5. Ken Slight – Kyle Lowry (G)
6. Matt Buser – Luther Head (G)
7. Geoff Stein – Brandan Wright (F)
8. Jorge Menocal – Alonzo Mourning (C)
9. Dennis Velasco – Bobby Simmons (F)
10. David Klyce – Shelden Williams (F)
11. Scott Sargent – Louis Williams (G)
12. Dennis Matecun – Mike James (G)

My pick: Robert Swift is the third guy I continue to draft under every circumstance. His upside is huge and a slated starter this late in the draft is almost unheard of.

Best pick: I really like Lowry’s upside for this season, though I must admit that I think Swift might be able to out produce any of the other players drafted in this round.

Worst pick: Maybe I’m missing out on some Sixer insider info, but Louis Williams doesn’t seem to have much upside or the opportunity to get much playing time. I’ll toss it out there that he would become the first player dropped if this were a real league.

Jim frequently posts under the username silentjim, a tribute to one of his favorite movie series of all time. When he's not dishing out fantasy advice, he travels the country on business. . . Wishing he could be dishing out fantasy advice.
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