StrategyDecember 7, 2007

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The Waiver Wire Shark

By abe chong

A waiver wire shark is the guy (or guys) in your league that runs to the nearest computer while you are watching the game on TV. The same guy that will pick up a player and drop him on the same day to pick somebody else up. The guy that ends up with at least 80 moves by the end of the season. That guy is me. Known in my league as a ‘waiver wire shark’.

We’re the reason you didn’t get Ryan Braun, MJD, or Barbosa in any of your leagues last year.

Good sharks know when to bite, and I say bite on these guys right now if they’re in your pool:

Travis Outlaw – I’m eating crow here as I pimped Martell Webster in my last article, but I didn’t really count on Webster pull a 2005-06 Mike Dunleavy(Go Warriors!!) with his opportunity and force Nate McMillan to start cutting his minutes. A supposed sharpshooter regularly not shooting sharply opens doors for others. Enter a lone Outlaw. We all know what this supremely athletic 6’9, 23-year-old high-flyer is capable of as he’s been teasing fantasy owners for years. My heart still tells me that Webster will be the starter, bar injury of course, but Outlaw’s minutes will creep up. His court activity will translate into very helpful stats. Outlaw’s contributions in the hard-to-get steals and blocks category alone warrant a pickup.

Marko Jaric – Remember on the Clips, Jaric had that one season where he was kinda good, and you kinda wish you had him? Now is the time I kinda think you should pick him up. I did, and I feel better off with him than without him. Marko Jaric is back from an injury that stopped an extremely productive run that was netting fantasy owners solid #2 point guard numbers. This output neatly coincides with the fact that he just started dating Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima, so this out-of-nowhere productivity might have an explanation. Like, if YOU were dating a supermodel, wouldn’t YOU be thinking: Crap Adriana can’t be dating no bench scrub!

Dae Quan Cook – I don’t really think he’ll be productive this year. Maybe some threes and points here and there. But if your league has a ‘Players-whose-name-sounds-like-a-martial-arts’ category, than he’ll win it for you single-handedly. I mean, after posterizing someone, how fun would it be to say “Yo tail got Dae Quan COOKED”? Seriously.

Carlos Delfino – Delfino has not lived up to the hype he had before arriving overseas. At least not yet. If he’s still on your waiver wire, he shouldn’t be. He has been undeniably productive recently and only a prolonged slump will decrease his minutes, which have ascended into the high 20s and low 30s. Expect treys galore, good point totals, a handful of steals, minimal turnovers, and shooting percentages that won’t hurt to stomach. Basically, he’s doing what Martell Webster should’ve been doing.

Remember, DO NOT BITE TOO EAGERLY. Some outbursts are just like bait luring potential waiver wire sharks into dropping good players. It’s smart to note that watching a player you dropped explode on someone else’s team can lead to ulcers, outbursts of rage, and in rare cases, death.

Abe is a sports nut whose been a hardcore fantasy player for 5+ seasons now... You can find Abe in the Cafe's forums posting as heckler408.
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