SleepersDecember 16, 2008

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Sleeper Watch

By Adam Laforet

Here are a few sleeper candidates that hopefully can help boost your team. We’re going to do this as a two part article this week, since there hasn’t been a sleeper update recently.

For shallower and normal size leagues, I’m going to use this space to pimp Boris Diaw. He isn’t a sleeper per se, having been a part of last week’s marquee trade, but I have noticed that people are still sleeping on him.

The real question with Diaw always comes back to his 2005 season. Can he get back to his 2005 form. I think that there’s enough light at the end of this French tunnel to add Diaw now though. If you check out his line from his first game with the Bobcats, there are a couple of key features – rebounds and assists. Diaw shot poorly from the floor, but the nine boards and four assists in 27 minutes, with a block and a steal tossed in for good measure, makes him worth a look. If you don’t jump on him early, you’ll end up missing the boat. By the time his minutes and production settle down, he’ll already be on someone else’s team. This is especially key for teams lower down their league’s standings who need to hit a home run or two to climb back to respectability.

Update: With a 25 point game last night, you’re in now or never time if he’s still available in your league.

There are a couple of other decent sleeper candidates for those of you toiling in deeper leagues.

In Golden State, Marco Belinelli seems to be earning some regular time in Don Nelson’s rotation. Marco has responded with some increasingly solid production and looks like he could be a decent source of threes pointers and assists for those in need. Rob Kurz followed up his monster 20-7 with a DNP-CD, so you should likely be watching Kurz, but do not add him just yet. This is Don Nelson we’re talking about though, so keep an eye out for the dreaded DNP-CD.

In Washington, there’s some good value to be had from their Frankenstein backcourt. Juan Dixon has quietly put up some nice lines and looks like a solid threes/assist pickup. Mike James just scored 16 off the bench as well, and he’ll be a solid source of points and threes for those in dire need. The Wizards also have a four game week next week, which buffs the value of both guys.

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