StrategyNovember 21, 2008

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Can’t Live With ‘Em…

By abe chong

And can’t drop ‘em. In leagues with 12 teams or more, is there anything worse than holding onto severely underperforming players that are too talented to drop? You know, those players that you drafted in the middle rounds thinking “This is my points and boards guy” or “this is my threes and steals ace” but have spectacularly failed to live up to expectations that you so surely counted on?

These are the guys that put owners in panic mode. Name and talent-wise, they’re simply too good to drop outright. So despite all my frustration, I reluctantly must hang on to:

Luol Deng: His last name sounds like dang. Figures. After signing a lucrative contract with the Bulls, Deng has been maddeningly inconsistent to start the season averaging 14.4 points and 6 rebounds shooting an uncharacteristic 39%. What’s worse, the Bulls rotation is as crowded as ever, and Deng’s roto-friendly production seems to be slipping further and further away. Deng it.

David Lee: Center-eligibility? Check. High %, Low TO game? Check. Upside? Check that. Minutes? Dwindling, making everything else irrelevant. After David Lee’s first two games of the season in D’antoni’s offense disturbingly aroused my fantasy loins, Lee has since been benched in favor of Wilson Chandler and has seen his minutes fluctuate in a DOW-ward spiral. Yes, his stock has really fallen. His output, unfortunately, is as weak as my puns.

Al Harrington: He’s definitely not putting the ‘Al’ in ‘pal’, that’s for sure. Owners who drafted Harrington hoping for treys to stimulate their C-spot have been rewarded with a public trade demand, a back injury, and zero production. The Warriors look like they’re moving on without Harrington in their plans, and a Harrington owner’s best hope is that they trade him to a team in dire need to start a ‘tweener forward who can’t rebound. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Got any other dishonorable mentions stinking up your roster? Vent your frustrations on the forums, I’m right there with you.

Abe is hardcore Bay Area sports fan whose been playing fantasy sports for 5+ years. You can find abe posting in the forums as heckler408.
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