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Ask Nene – Week 4 - 1 comments

By Brett Roberts

The following players had some (surprisingly) good games during the first couple days of the season:

Yi Jianlian
Danilo Gallinari
Travis Outlaw
Stephen Curry

Which players will maintain top 100 value, if any? And which will end up being just random flashes in the pan?

Caveman Doctor,

I don’t expect Yi to finish any better than 10-12 ppg and 5-7 rpg, so the top 100 for him is a long shot to say the least.  Gallinari has a shot, however, especially if he continues to bury threes at the clip he is now.  Through the first five games, he has hit an outstanding 4.0 threes a game, shooting them at a 42% clip.  He’s seeing 30 minutes a night and averaging 17.6 points in that time.  For Gallinari, it may not be a question of finishing top 100, but rather whether he finishes top 50.

Outlaw is on a team that is simply too deep for him to see the kind of minutes it will take to finish in the top 50.  As for Stephen Curry, with the way he is dishing the ball and getting steals, it seems to be a foregone conclusion that he at least finishes in the top 75, with a real shot at going top 50.  Through three games, he is averaging 11 ppg, 6.7 apg, 2.3 spg, 3.0 rpg, hitting 1 three a game (3 of 6 on the year), and only turning it over twice a game, which is not bad at all for a rookie point guard.

Standard 9-cat Roto

Barbosa for Terry, one-for-one trade.

Which will have a better year/win the trade? (FYI, I’m the one with Barbosa).


Although you have probably already made that decision by now, I hope you made the right decision and went through with the trade.  Terry is a top 50 fantasy player every year, and Barbosa’s chances of finishing higher than Terry are rather slim.


At this point, who are your top buy low candidates and your top sell high candidates?

Buy low: Jose Calderon, Courtney Lee, Caron Butler

Sell high: Marc Gasol and Channing Frye

12 team, h2h, 9-cat

I went in with the theory of trying to build a big-ball team to dominate REB, BLK, FG% and compile good STL while punting/disregarding FT% and attempting to stay competitive across the board. I had 6th pick. How’d I make out?

PG – J. Kidd (2.07)
SG – L. Barbosa (7.06)
G – J. Calderon (3.06)
SF – S. Marion (4.07)
PF – A. Bargnani (5.06)
F – P. Millsap (8.07)
C – D. Howard (1.06)
C – A. Bynum (6.07)
Util – J. Noah (9.06)
Util – R. Sessions (10.07)
BN – M. Miller (11.06)
BN – S. Battier (12.07)
BN – K. Azubuike (13.06)
BN – A. Morrow (14.07)


I think getting Kidd at 2.07 is a nice pick for a head to head league.  You have two great centers in Bynum and Howard that should enable to you to win FG% quite often.  Ramon Sessions appears to be the backup in Minnesota with Flynn playing well. You might want to drop him, depending on what is on the waiver wire.  You might also want to consider selling high on Bargnani, because I don’t think he can keep up this current pace (22 ppg) for an entire season.  Morrow is an excellent last round pick.  He’s a dead eye shooter and if he gets the minutes in Golden State he has the potential to put up some great numbers.  Hope that helps.

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One Response to “Ask Nene – Week 4”

  1. PJofSMK says:

    Okay I’m 3-0 in my league but would still love to upgrade my team. This is who I have now.

    PG – Mike Bibby
    SG – Ray Allen
    SF – Kevin Durant
    PF – Kevin Garnett
    C – Marc Gasol
    G – Brandon Jennings
    F – Ron Artest
    Bench – Steve Nash
    Bench – Brook Lopez
    Bench – Andray Blatche
    Bench – Danilo Gallinari
    Bench – Jason Thompson

    I was thinking of dropping Artest and adding Udonis Haslem. Do you think that would be a good move.


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