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Ask Nene – Week 3 - 4 comments

By Brett Roberts

Kidd v Nash v Billups v Calderon v Harris v Deron in various standard formats with rankings.


In standard 9 cat leagues, I would rank them as follows:

Deron Williams, Kidd, Billups, Harris, Calderon

Deron Williams is the clear cut leader.  After him, especially in head-to-head, I like Kidd because of his steals and rebounds from the guard position.  Billups is given a slight nod over Harris and Calderon because of his efficiency.  Harris should take a hit in the percentages with defenses able to focus on him.  Calderon is highly efficient too, but struggled last year due to the hamstring problems.  If he can endure at full health for an 82 game season, he has the potential to be #2 on the list.


With the additions of Allen Iverson and Zach Randolph in Memphis, what are your projections for Mike Conley and Marc Gasol?


I expect that Mike Conley is going to take the biggest hit.  I’ve never been a big fan of Conley, but last year he got 30 mins a game and only averaged 4.3 assists per game.  The thing is, Iverson demands the ball a lot in the backcourt and takes a good number of assists away from the point guard. When Conley is already only averaging four assists in 30 minutes, you can expect those numbers to fall even further.  I imagine his minutes get cut back to about 25 a game, which should yield a stat line like this:

8.6 ppg, 3.2 apg, 2.8 rpg, 0.9 spg, 0.7 3s/g, 1.4 TO/g, and about the same %s of 44.3% FG and 81.7% 3s

As for Gasol, he has not only Randolph pushing him for touches and minutes, but you have to expect the Grizzlies to make an effort to  develop Hasheem Thabeet.  You don’t draft someone #2 overall and have them ride the pine the entire game, even if they are a “project player.”  That said, Gasol averaged 30 mins a game last year, and I figure he should be good for about 28-30 again this year.  He gets most of his baskets on dunks and putbacks so I don’t expect his stats to take much of a hit.

I would expect a stat line like this:

10.6 ppg, 7.1 rpg, 2.1 apg, 1.1 bpg, 0.8 spg, 55% FG, 73% FT


I am in a 14 team H2H league that will be drafting a week from this coming Sunday. Not sure how many of these kids are real fantasy buffs like the Cafe community, so with that said, do you think this scenario is possible:

Assuming I get a pick in the 4-5-6 range
Draft Wade/Kobe/Durant/Granger with my first pick.
Second pick, select Brook Lopez.
Third pick, Rajon Rondo.

Now I know you should never go into a draft with specific players in mind because you never know what will happen once the draft starts, but I figure if I get any of those four first round and pair that player up with Lopez and Rondo, I will have a great core and be building a well-rounded team.

So I guess my questions are do you think this is a possible scenario and would it be a good move to draft these specific players?


I think it would be a good combination if you could land the three you are targeting.  Lopez has been the chic pick at center this year, and with good reason.  He posted great value as a rookie and there is no reason to think his stats won’t continue to blossom on a horrible Nets team.  If you’re drafting Rondo, presumably you are going to be considering punting free-throw percentage or using picks to compensate the rest of the way.  I think if you did get Rondo, the best person to pair him up with would be Wade, since both of them have a penchant for turning it over, and TOs are such a crapshoot in h2h play that you might be best to draft Wade & Rondo and ignore the category altogether.   I see that you are merely assuming you will pick in the 4-5-6 range, so that leaves you having to reconsider your plan if you land either a real high pick or a real low one.  But for that scenario, I think a Wade/Lopez/Rondo trio would be great.


Is Marreese Speights worth picking up of the FA list? Back to back double doubles, tonights in only 17 minutes. Im in a roto keeper league, so he could have great value (would cost a 13th round pick to keep) for someone. Is it worth stashing him at the end of the bench in case he starts killing it?


I have Speights in a couple of my deeper leagues.  In leagues that total roster more than 160 players, he is worth an add.  He’s  extremely athletic and energetic and can do a lot with few mins.  So if you need to round out a bench slot in a deeper league, I think he is worth the add.  Without knowing how deep your league is, I can’t really say whether he would be a good add or not.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a stat line like this from him:

22 mpg, 9.3 ppg, 5.4 rpg, 0.9 bpg, 0.4 spg, 52% FG, 78% FT

If your league is deep enough, that makes him rosterable.

Brett Roberts is one of a growing number of fantasy experts who write for the Cafe. You can catch up with Brett in the Cafe's forums where he posts under the name of Nene.
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4 Responses to “Ask Nene – Week 3”

  1. User avatar Fenris-77 says:

    Nice job Brett!

    You need to get a Miss Manner’s – Dear Abby style headshot for the top of these bad boys. Work with the traditions of your genre man! :D

  2. dingo37 says:

    Where does Nash fit into that PG ranking list?

  3. spitball1 says:

    I think you’re off on Gasol/Thabeet. Thabeet is a straight-up project, and plenty of projects are drafted in the Top 10 almost every year. It’s also not like Gasol is an aging vet with a young upstart waiting to take his position. He’s a 24 year old coming off a very good rookie season who got himself into better shape. Worst case scenario is both Gasol and Thabeet develop well, and one gets traded. There’s simply no reason to limit Gasol right now. Randolph is a bit too much of a lazy player – he’ll position himself well enough to take what comes to him and get his 20/10, but he’s going to defer to Gasol on the pounding of the boards on most night.

    Your numbers project a drop across the board, and I just can’t see that happening. I’m projecting a solid but steady increase on him – 14ppg, 9.5rpb, 1.5bpg. Gasol is a guy I went after in every draft.

  4. User avatar LMack says:

    I would have to assume Nash would fall after Williams and before Kidd, but I’ll let Brett confirm that.


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