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2010-2011 Player Rankings

By jphanned

We got together six of the Cafe’s finest veterans and compiled their cheat sheets to help you prepare for your upcoming fantasy drafts. To compile these rankings, each player was assigned a rank by each ranker; the lower this score compared with other players, the better. Players who were not ranked were automatically assigned a score of 165.

Please note that this is a tool for draft preparation; it will not be updated throughout the season. Enjoy, and good luck in your drafts! Don’t be afraid to send a comment or question to the rankers. We would love to hear your feedback.

PlayerAvg RankRoundersplondengeodbearRedHopefulDVauthrincrimson
Kevin Durant1.33212111
Chris Paul1.67121222
LeBron James3.00333333
Dirk Nowitzki4.00444444
Kobe Bryant5.83577565
Dwyane Wade6.00755757
Danny Granger7.00696696
Stephen Curry7.50868878
Pau Gasol8.67989989
Deron Williams11.00111112111011
Amar’e Stoudemire11.00101510101110
David Lee12.33121011161312
Jason Kidd13.67151613131213
Josh Smith14.17131216121616
Gerald Wallace15.00141315201414
Carmelo Anthony15.33161415141815
Brook Lopez17.33171718181717
Chauncey Billups18.17181917211519
Al Horford19.83192019192220
Chris Bosh20.83232320171923
Brandon Roy21.33212125152026
Rajon Rondo23.33222221262821
Steve Nash23.50261828252618
Al Jefferson24.00282522222324
Nene Hilario24.50242623232427
Andre Iguodala24.83202429332122
David West25.33252924242525
Carlos Boozer28.67272730302929
Manu Ginobili29.33292827293528
Troy Murphy30.67303034273132
Joe Johnson31.17323726322733
Tim Duncan31.67313532313031
Dwight Howard34.50373131403830
Andrea Bargnani34.67343635373234
Monta Ellis36.00363933343638
Paul Pierce37.00393837383337
Marcus Camby38.17334536285235
Darren Collison38.83354341443436
Danilo Gallinari39.33433440354242
Kevin Love41.17384039395140
Marc Gasol41.33453253423739
Rudy Gay42.67414243434641
Jason Richardson43.00444144453945
Mo Williams43.33424442474144
Zach Randolph44.00463354364946
Kevin Garnett45.00505138414743
Tyreke Evans45.83404746504547
Kevin Martin48.00474849484848
LaMarcus Aldridge48.83484952544050
Jason Terry49.33514657494449
Andrew Bynum54.00535456525851
Ray Allen54.83525660624356
Channing Frye55.00565058595354
Jeff Green55.33545259565457
Derrick Rose55.50497045556252
Andrei Kirilenko56.67556450536553
Raymond Felton57.33765748515755
Baron Davis58.17696047605558
Trevor Ariza58.17636155466361
Joakim Noah59.67615862585960
Antawn Jamison59.83605351706659
Rashard Lewis62.00576374665062
Marcus Thornton63.205859656470
Stephen Jackson64.17596675616064
Anthony Randolph64.67705561676867
Andray Blatche68.00677972635671
Paul Millsap68.33656267579366
Russell Westbrook69.33627778657163
Aaron Brooks69.83667179746465
Jrue Holiday69.83646777697270
Devin Harris70.67856566796168
Samuel Dalembert71.17687671687569
Tyrus Thomas71.50746863718073
OJ Mayo72.67737273737372
Andrew Bogut74.33797864806778
Caron Butler75.33727388766974
Gilbert Arenas77.33779169757775
Brandon Jennings77.67788176777876
Eric Gordon79.17757581848377
Yao Ming79.50846983837682
John Salmons79.67818270927479
Jamal Crawford81.17877468938283
Jameer Nelson83.83899480729488
Hedo Turkoglu84.00718090919280
Roy Hibbert85.17809085878881
Luol Deng86.50838587948684
Nicolas Batum86.508283868210185
Greg Oden87.178884821018187
Elton Brand89.00908797789686
Andris Biedrins90.501018884909090
Luis Scola90.679786931007989
Anthony Morrow94.339993898111292
Al Harrington96.6791104919610593
Anderson Varejao98.0092103929910498
Emeka Okafor98.671091029486106102
Mike Miller98.8398971078510399
Blake Griffin99.0095108951039895
Andre Miller99.0096981081058597
Lamar Odom99.00113891031079191
Chris Kaman99.0011895961028494
Vince Carter99.5093991041089796
Reggie Williams99.839410010089117100
Robin Lopez100.3310210110188102101
Carl Landry100.50107921069895105
Tony Parker103.1710410710995100104
John Wall105.678611112312289103
Corey Maggette106.6710512310511287108
Shane Battier108.0010810512011099106
Thaddeus Young108.8310610612597108111
JaVale McGee108.0010396102114114109
Evan Turner110.83110116114106109110
JR Smith111.3311411999113110113
Dorell Wright111.3312011498104118114
Leandro Barbosa113.83100113117109137107
Wilson Chandler118.00119110124117126112
Shawn Marion119.00125109121123119117
George Hill119.50112128115116131115
Michael Beasley119.67124112122119121120
Drew Gooden120.00117140113111123116
Mike Conley121.67115124131120116124
Wesley Johnson123.83116120116139134118
Ben Gordon123.83130127119115130122
Beno Udrih124.17132117111130136119
Mehmet Okur124.67121139126128113121
Rodney Stuckey124.67127121132125120123
Jose Calderon126.17133130110142115127
JJ Hickson127.67111141138124127125
Francisco Garcia128.67123153112118140126
Brendan Haywood128.83126147140121111128
Amir Johnson129.50128126127135132129
Luke Ridnour131.50131142133127125131
Darko Milicic132.00136122128132142132
Marvin Williams132.67134118136147128133
Ron Artest133.00140125141134124134
Boris Diaw133.00137143139137107135
Charlie Villanueva136.17138138147136122136
Serge Ibaka138.33144144129141133139
Jermaine O’Neal139.00146135130155138130
Jarrett Jack140.00129129148131165138
Lou Williams140.67135165118146143137
Tayshaun Prince140.83151152137129135141
Kirk Hinrich142.83145155134140141142
James Harden143.67143137151144144143
Josh Childress143.83122115144165165152
Ramon Sessions144.83139154165126145140
Kelenna Azubuike144.83150151135138149146
Terrence Williams147.33142132165152148145
Tiago Splitter148.00141134165165139144
Travis Outlaw148.67148133145153165148
DeMar DeRozan148.83149146154150147147
Richard Hamilton150.17165136142156152150
Jason Thompson151.17154165165145129149
Spencer Hawes153.67153165165133150156
Ronnie Brewer155.17152165150148151165
Omri Casspi156.50165148165143153165
Goran Dragic157.00147149165165165151

Rounders = Rounders Block (Justin Phan)
plonden = plonden (Phil Londen)
geodbear = geodbear (George Seki)
RedHopeful = RedHopeful (Oleh Kosel)
DVauthrin = DVauthrin (David Vauthrin)
crimson = baller crimson (Jonathan Huang)

Settings & Rosters
• Standard 9 categories (PTS, 3PTM, REB, AST, STL, BLK, TO, FG%, FT%).
• Rotisserie scoring, non-keeper league.
• Roster requirements: PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, Util, Util, BN, BN, BN

Special thanks to all of the rankers for their time and effort in helping to create this set of rankings.

Justin Phan currently writes for Yahoo! Sports and is one of the Cafe's recognized experts. He grew up in the Bay Area and has been a Warriors fan since the Run TMC days. Justin maintains that Baron Davis' beard is without a doubt the greatest thing about the NBA despite the results of the BDL Bedlam Tournament. A recent graduate of Santa Clara University, Justin looks forward to many years to come in the sports writing industry. Catch up with Justin, who posts as Rounders Block, and many other great minds at the Cafe's forums.
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