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Ask Nene: Volume Four

By David Vauthrin

Nene, after a full month of the NBA season, my roto team of some significance is badly underperforming in a particular category. For some reason, I find poor-performance in this category to be strangely galling. Specifically, these dudes put up FT% at a collective .800+ clip last season but have been hitting more rim than Kim Kardashian (.765). Should I:

(a) relax and trust my sharpshooters will regain their collective form;
(b) sacrifice a goat or some animal of Nene’s choosing to appease the fantasy gods;
(c) ignore the problem and focus on family, friends, the high-quality recent weather, etc.; or
(d) indulge my urge to break something every time David West goes 3/7 from the line?

Do I have any other options at this point? Thanks for any help/insight man.


Frustrated with my “2″ in FT%

While I find options b) and d) very intriguing, the most prudent action is to relax and trust the career averages of your sharpshooters. Experienced fantasy players know that free-throw percentage is a very volatile category. Your roster may go perfect from the line one day while perfecting the art of bricklaying the very next day. Like living with the mood swings of a pregnant woman, you have to be understanding and learn to cope with the up-and-down nature of free-throw percentage.

That said, you should also consider trading for a free-throw percentage maestro. If I were you, I’d see what it would cost to get one of Kevin Martin, Kobe Bryant, Manu Ginobili, or Chauncey Billups on that team. I’d also see if you could acquire someone like Jamal Crawford or Corey Maggette cheaply. Another potential target would be Brook Lopez.

David Vauthrin is one of a growing number of fantasy experts who write for the Cafe. A native of Houston, Texas, David Vauthrin is a diehard Rockets fan. Having graduated with a degree in journalism from UT-Austin, it is believed his blood is not red, but rather burnt orange.
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