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Ask Nene: Volume Five

By David Vauthrin

Please help.

League is a 12 team, H2H, standard 9 categories.

1st trade:
Give: Noah, JRICH, Odom
Get: Brook Lopez and Wade

2nd trade:
Give: Noah and Odom
Get: Brook Lopez and Millsap

I kind like both trades, but I’m not sure yet, please give me some input. Thanks.

I apologize for not responding to this sooner because I would have told you to take the first deal. Wade and Lopez were two excellent buy low candidates at the time while Noah was a perfect sell high candidate with the return of Boozer. For your sake, I hope you pulled the trigger on either offer before Noah injured his thumb(out at least two months).

Is Brandon Bass going to be the starting PF going forward or is Q-Rich going to continue to get some starts as well?-phx_2008_champs

I think he keeps the job for the rest of the year. For one thing, he’s playing really well this season. It will be hard for Stan Van Gundy to keep him off the floor when he’s shooting 53% from the field and 83% from the line. That’s especially true when you consider the team made this move because they realized Rashard Lewis no longer provided an offensive advantage at the power forward position. They decided they needed better defense and rebounding out of that spot on the floor, and therefore Bass became a starter while moving Lewis back to his natural small forward position. Unless Bass stops playing well, the only way he loses playing time is when the Magic face a small-ball lineup.

*The Noah trade offers were made prior to his thumb injury that is expected to keep him out at least two months.

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