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Ask Nene: Volume Six

By David Vauthrin

Who would you say are the 5 best “buy-low” and “sell-high” guys in the league right now? And any guys you recommend just getting rid of them while they still have any value at all?-Klewfish

Let’s start with the best “sell-high” candidates first. The first guy that comes to mind is Ryan Anderson. In nine category leagues, Anderson ranks 27th over the last month despite coming off a crowded bench in Orlando. He will be a good source of threes the rest of the way, but he’s not going to finish with third round value. Beno Udrih is another prime “sell-high” candidate. He is ranked 20th over the last month, but Paul Westphal changes his starting lineups constantly. Udrih has already been benched once by Westphal this season. My third “sell-high” player is Luke Ridnour. Ridnour ranks 24th over the last month, but 57th for the season. With Jonny Flynn back on the court following offseason hip surgery, it’s a matter of time before the Minnesota point guard position becomes a mess. Another excellent “sell-high” candidate is Eric Gordon. Gordon is a very talented young player, but he’s not the seventh best player in fantasy basketball like he’s been the last month. My last “sell-high” candidate is Andrei Kirilenko. AK-47 is an outstanding fantasy basketball player when healthy. The problem is the last two seasons he has missed an average of 20 games a season. So far, he is on pace to play in 79 games this season. Considering his track record, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

As for the best “buy-low” candidates, I recommend Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Garnett, Carmelo Anthony, Gerald Wallace, and Jeff Green. Nowitzki and Garnett are just getting up to speed after lengthy absences due to injury, and will resume elite performance shortly. Wallace, too, has been slowed by injuries, but even when healthy he has struggled this season. Currently ranked 71st for the season, he is worth the gamble to see if he can regain 2nd or 3rd round value the rest of the way. Anthony is another player drafted in the second round this season, but ranks 118th over the last month. The reason for the poor ranking: his field-goal percentage. A career 46% shooter, Anthony shot 42% the past month. Anthony is too talented to struggle for long, so “buy-low” while the opportunity presents itself. Jeff Green is my final “buy-low” candidate. Over the last month, he ranks as the 204th best fantasy player. However, just like Anthony, the culprit for his struggles is a shooting slump. A career 44% shooter from the floor and 77% from the line, Green has shot 38% from the field and 65% from the charity stripe over the last month. Considering he is young(24 years old), and talented(ranked 56th during the 2009-2010 season), I’d gamble on him getting back on track.

Finally, I recommend owners sell Tyreke Evans because of the risk he may get shut down for the season. If the plantar fasciitis in his left foot flares up again, he could very well opt to sit out the remainder of the season. It’s not like the Kings (9-31 record this season) are a playoff caliber basketball team.

David Vauthrin is one of a growing number of fantasy experts who write for the Cafe. A native of Houston, Texas, David Vauthrin is a diehard Rockets fan. Having graduated with a degree in journalism from UT-Austin, it is believed his blood is not red, but rather burnt orange.
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