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Now What? - 2 comments


The NBA season has begun. The months of waiting, preparing, and drafting are over. Now what? Well, there are a few things that you should and should not do. Most are obvious and well known. But, just in case you forgot, here is a little reminder:

You should…

➢ …watch some games and relax. You’ve earned it. Also, watching games (and not just reading box scores or fantasy analysis) will give you a feel for how players arrive at their stats, team chemistry, coaching styles, etc.

➢ …pay attention to playing time. While a player could go through a rough patch of games at any time, playing time is the most crucial factor for fantasy success.

➢ …start some conversations with your fellow league-mates. One day this season, you may want to make a trade with someone. Pleasant conversation now can lead to a smooth transaction later.

➢ …begin to determine who you are going to keep if you are in a keeper league. While any player on your team should be available for a trade at the right price, you should always be aware of who, on your team, is worthy of being a keeper. Knowing this will allow you to make rational decisions during the season.

➢ …always play to win the league. If you are in a keeper league, however, and you are 100% certain that you have no chance at winning the league this year, you should begin to assemble the best possible combination of keepers. The sooner that you make this decision, the better.

You should not…

➢ …panic and drop a player too early. There is a reason why you drafted Player A in Round X. If he has a bad game, or an unfortunate string of poor performances, don’t do anything foolish. As a rule of thumb, I generally don’t like to drop anyone on my team for the first three weeks of the season. While this has caused me to miss out on some solid early season waiver wire pickups, it has also prevented me from dropping someone I drafted, with good reason, prematurely.

➢ …trade for someone based on early-season statistics. For instance, after two games James Jones is averaging four three-pointers made per game. He could surpass his career-high of 1.6 threes per game, but it would be foolish to assume that he makes close to four a game. In other words, he is a player that you could look to trade, not a player you would want to acquire.

➢ …forget your league settings. If you are in multiple leagues, each one could have different settings in regards to limits on games played, adding or dropping players, and the trade deadline.

➢ …lose track of your strategy for success. Remember, you probably had a strategy during the off-season and you probably executed that strategy with your keeper decisions and your draft. During the season, don’t forget that strategy and, if possible, improve your team with that strategy in mind. This is especially important for people who punted one or more categories in a Head-to-Head league.

I have been participating in fantasy sports since the good old days (paper, pencil, box scores in newspapers, etc.). Basketball and baseball are my favorites though I've dabbled (without success) in football and hockey. You name it, I've done it (standard/custom, serpentine/auction, live/computer/message board, public/private/winners, etc.).
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2 Responses to “Now What?”

  1. I had a question about greg monroe. I’m in a 14 team head to head and i used my 13th pick to draft him. Any ideas if he will be good or not? I’m looking at dropping him or spencer hawes for ronnie brewer who is still available.



  2. User avatar DVauthrin says:

    the pistons have limited center options. I would keep monroe and his upside rather than cutting him for ronnie brewer.


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