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Ask DV: Volume One - 3 comments

By David Vauthrin

I strongly believe in D Will’s talent and he is gonna be fine against weak team, but there seems to be just no way he can put stud stats against teams with some defense. do i need to pull out a trade and sell D Will while some people still believe him very high? or do i just need to a little more patience and wait for him.

Thank you-planet0111

I would advise that you have patience with Deron Williams. He’s a top five NBA point guard, and eventually the cream rises to the top. Yes, last season he posted seventh round value after the trade to the Nets, but that’s because he shot 35% from the field. He still averaged 15 points and 12 assists per game while positively contributing in threes, steals, and free-throw percentage in New Jersey.

He’s a career 46% shooter from the field, and the assists will be there soon enough. Don’t panic after three games. If he’s still struggling after the first month of the season, then it’s time to start exploring potential trades.

David Vauthrin is one of a growing number of fantasy experts who write for the Cafe. A native of Houston, Texas, David Vauthrin is a diehard Rockets fan. Having graduated with a degree in journalism from UT-Austin, it is believed his blood is not red, but rather burnt orange.
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3 Responses to “Ask DV: Volume One”

  1. notnac9 says:

    I meant to rate this article a 5, but mis-clicked. Sorry about that, and nice advice. I agree that it’s definitely still too early to make any concrete judgements about player values. Thanks for the article!

  2. NikeTxGuy says:

    I think it is now to panic about Deron Williams… time to explore potential trades! :(

  3. TheSsefLord says:

    i wouldn’t be so eager to trade him yet as he only hurts you in fg%. the rewards are sky high if they Nets land Dwight in time for the fantasy playoffs. So it might be a risk worth taking.


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