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The Hot Hand: Fantasy Basketball Week 4 - 1 comments

By EricOnSports

If your fantasy team is anything like mine, then you saw your fair share of ups and downs in week 3. In my case, I won out over my opponent and yet I feel that I did not crush my competition. Whether or not you did well last week, it’s time to look to the future and prepare ourselves for war on the court in week 4. My attitude is all about squashing my opponent like a fly. To accomplish that goal, I need to plan. In doing so, I have to decipher who has the hot hand. I’ll give you my positional picks that will guarantee you a win in week 4.


Jodie Meeks, LAL SG, PG – Meeks shall inherit the Earth; at least, he has certainly inherited the perimeter while Kobe Bryant remains out. The tear in Kobe’s Achilles has spelled out fantasy gold for Meeks. He’s drained 15 three-pointers in his last five games. Not to mention that he’s shooting an exemplary 50 percent from behind the arc. He’s a great fit for any fantasy team lacking in the 3PM department. Pick him up while he’s still hot because everyone knows that there’s neither an “I” nor a “Kobe” in “team.”

Jordan Crawford, Bos SG, PG – The 23-year-old Celtics’ guard has been an impressive underdog during his first three years in the league. He famously posterized LeBron James during a Nike pickup game; Crawford’s dunk reportedly caused Nike to destroy all copies of the video. Watch it. At present, Crawford is truly coming into his own as a part of the rebuilding Celtics. He’s scoring in the teens, coming up with dimes and shooting a great percentage from the stripe. Crawford is currently available in most leagues; he could be a great fit for any fantasy team carrying D-Rose or Kobe Bryant’s dead weight.


Wilson Chandler, Den SF, SG – After returning to the Nuggets’ lineup last Wednesday, Chandler has transformed himself into a dynamic talent. One of the most impressive facets of his game has been his shot from the three-point line. Apparently, Chandler now has a laser-guided missile cannon for an arm; he’s sunk nine three-balls in three games since his return from his hamstring injury. His scoring is continuously rising, and I believe we could see his scoring reach the 20-point range in week 4.

John Henson, Mil PF – On a personal note, John Henson was a risky pickup for me in week 3 and he payed dividends. Henson is a force to be reckoned with in the NBA. If you missed the Bucks–Magic game on Nov. 13, then you missed one of the best sophomore performances of the year thus far. Henson savagely ravaged the Orlando Magic in a mere 27 minutes; he drove home 10 points, pulled down nine rebounds and cleanly blocked five shots. It seems that he may be an up-and-comer in the league. Henson is my pickup of the week because he definitely has the hot hand.


Jordan Hill, LAL C, PF – Hill had his best career game last night against the Detroit Pistons. He had a humongous double-double, tallying 24 points and 17 rebounds. As a fantasy GM, you should not take this breakout performance lightly. Bare in mind that Hill achieved this height against a very tough, very capable Pistons frontcourt. Hill took dominion over his home court’s paint, daring the Pistons to try and take it from him. Ever since Hill left the Rockets, he has bled purple and gold. Seeing his career climb to this point has been greatly rewarding. Expect big things out of Hill in the weeks to come. My only warning is that the Lakers will only play two games in week 4. Consider Hill to be a long-term investment in fantasy leagues.

Robin Lopez, Por C – There has never been a lot of explosiveness to Lopez’s game. He’s stood in the shadow of his twin brother, Brook Lopez, for his entire playing career. However, just because a player isn’t an unexpected standout, that doesn’t mean that his abilities aren’t solid. Lopez is averaging 7.9 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 1.4 blocks per game. I know what you’re thinking and you’re not completely wrong; in your mind, there is nothing special about Lopez. There is one thing: he plays consistently on a powerful Western Conference team. He has more advantages than most centers when it comes to distributing the ball (which he has a knack for). He will surprise you; however, the surprise will come at the right time, not every time. He posted three consecutive double-doubles last week and has a great chance to repeat that success. If you’re hurting on the rebounds or points stat line, then give Lopez a shot this week.

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  1. EricOnSports says:

    I practice what I preach. I played Crawford (still have him), Hill (him too), and Robin Lopez and beat my opponent. Pay attention people.


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