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Team Review 2013-2014

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Team Review 2013-2014

Postby CurryPork » Tue Oct 08, 2013 5:20 am

Just for kicks...

WET reviews Zombie Pork
NecroVlade reviews WET
Puck's Back reviews NecroVlade
Vienna Degus reviews Puck's Back
Bride of David Stern reviews Vienna Degus
The Walking Dead reviews Bride of David Stern
TEAM BUCKETS N DIMES reviews The Walking Dead
King Nole reviews TEAM BUCKETS N DIMES
Seattle reviews King Nole
Muggsy Bogues = HOF reviews Seattle
Wildcat Pride reviews Muggsy Bogues = HOF
Zombie Pork reviews Wildcat Pride
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Re: Team Review 2013-2014

Postby Vlade Doddi » Sat Oct 12, 2013 4:34 pm

Team Review for WET

Here are some team projections (courtesy of BBM)

Total Games played = 996 (lowest in league)

Team averages:
PPG = 15.0 (Ranks in the top 3)
3PM = 1.0 (Ranks in the top 4)
REB = 5.3 (Below average)
AST = 3.2 (Average)
STL = 1.0 (Average)
BLK = 0.5 (Ranks in the bottom 3)
FG% = 0.465 (Ranks in the bottom 4)
FT% = 0.789 (Ranks in the top 2)
TOs = 1.9 (Ranks in top 4)

It looks like you will continuously compete in POINTS, 3PMs, FT%, and TOs.

You'll usually struggle in REBs, BLKs, and FG%.

You'll inconstantly win in ASTs and STLs.

BBM projects your team to play the least number of games for the season, which could have an effect on your overall standing. BBM ranks you (ignoring punting) in the top 5, but those games play may push that lower. It's impossible to say really, but my main concern (if I had your team) would be overall durability. Of course all that could be fixed with a few FA pick ups or trades. Your team looks like a small ball team, but isn't as dominant in assists and steals as I would like. That's were I would try to improve. As of now, I put you in the middle of the pack with a solid shot at making the playoffs.

Our two teams will meet in week 11. Barring any major trades or injuries, I'm predicting that our match up will come down to Points and Assists, with one of us winning 5-4. I'm going to go ahead to predict I win :)

Good luck this season!
Vlade Doddi
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Re: Team Review 2013-2014

Postby FireBaller » Sat Oct 12, 2013 4:43 pm

Bride of David Stern
1. (5) Russell Westbrook (OKC - PG)
2. (20) Mike Conley (Mem - PG)
3. (29) Brook Lopez (Bkn - C)
4. (44) Chris Bosh (Mia - PF,C)
5. (53) George Hill (Ind - PG,SG)
6. (68) Ryan Anderson (NO - PF,C)
7. (77) Jeff Green (Bos - SF,PF)
8. (92) Reggie Jackson (OKC - PG)
9. (101) Paul Pierce (Bkn - SF)
10. (116) Lance Stephenson (Ind - SG)
11. (125) Cody Zeller (Cha - PF,C)
12. (140) Randy Foye (Den - PG,SG)
13. (149) Carlos Delfino (Mil - SG,SF)
14. (164) Tony Wroten (Phi - PG)

I will preface by stating that Bride of Stern is our defending Champion so I am excited to review his team.

His first pick was a solid pick but unfortunately time will tell how Westbrook pans out given his recent injury news. I do like the fact that he selected Reggie Jackson as a handcuff.

This team is lacking in the big men department in my opinion and as a result I feel that his team will be lacking in rebounds and blocks. The bigs he has on his team are more suited to compliment his guards given their good ft% and guys like Anderson who can hit from deep so I do like that about his team. A small ball oriented team, if you will, that needs to harp on this strategy as the season gets under way.

On the flip side, his team shines when it comes to his wing players but again much of that will hinge on Westbrook's return. I especially like his pick of Green who is geared for a big season.

I believe this team will be fighting for a playoff spot as is, perhaps on the cusp of making it but this will change as the season progresses and Stern makes some key moves down the stretch to solidify a spot. I do like the foundation he has and so long as he is mindful of this, his prospects should be good.
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Re: Team Review 2013-2014

Postby meiklwhite » Sat Oct 12, 2013 5:05 pm

Puck’s Back

PG Damian Lillard
SG James Harden
G Bradley Beal
SF Rudy Gay
PF Nikola Vucevic
F Thad Young
C Kenneth Faried
C Andre Drummond
Utl Evan Turner
Utl Andrew Bogut
Bn Alexey Shved
Bn Jeremy Lamb
Bn DeAndre Jordan
Bn Ramon Sessions

Position Breakdown:
PG 3, SG 6, SF 5, PF 5, C 4

What I like:
- the potential: you have a very young team with a lot of possible superstars-to-be. At least one of them if not several will improve this season and give you more than everybody thinks right now.
- the big guys: Wow, what an intimidating frontline of Vucevic, Drummond, Faried, Bogut and Jordan. That's five guys who will get you more than or at least close to 10 reb/g and blk won’t be a problem too..

What I don’t like:
- the strategy change: with your first two picks (Harden and Lillard) you set yourself up very well in 3pm, ft%, pts and ast as your strongest cats. At the end of the draft, ft% and ast are probably a loss every week while 3pm and pts don’t look too strong either. you basically squandered the biggest strengths of your first two picks.

Category Breakdown:
Strong: Reb, Blk, FG%
Solid: Pts, 3pm, Stl, TO
No Chance: Ast, FT%

4th-8th place regular season finish, fighting for a playoff spot, first round exit
(way better if you manage to capitalize on your strengths (and weaknesses) and fully incorporate the ft% punt in your guard and wing positions via trade)
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Re: Team Review 2013-2014

Postby houstonc » Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:08 pm

Vienna Degus

PG Chris Paul (LAC - PG)
SG Danny Green (SA - SG/SF)
G José Calderon (DAL - PG)
SF Nicolas Batum (POR - SG/SF)
PF Amir Johnson (TOR - PF/C)
F Anderson Varejao (CLE - PF/C)
C Serge Ibaka (OKC - PF/C)
C Roy Hibbert (IND - C)
Utl Kyle Korver (ATL - SG/SF)
Utl Mario Chalmers (MIA - PG)
Bn Thabo Sefolosha (OKC - SG/SF)
Bn Samuel Dalembert (DAL - C)
Bn Al-Farouq Aminu (NOP - SF)
Bn Michael Carter-Williams (PHI - PG)

A couple of picks were made by Mr. White that made me fall back on backup choices, so there are definitely a few picks here that I would have rather made for myself!!! A few perennial standouts here such as Chris Paul and Nicolas Batum, who allow for a very flexible team. Ibaka (and Sefolosha to a lesser extent) stands to have an interesting year, already being a stud in blocks, if he's able to build a larger role and contribute in more cats he will be extremely valuable - the same challenge he has faced for seasons :) Amir Johnson could see a big year, and I wonder about Aminu. A safe pick for the final rounds that could return huge value, he showed last year that he is capable of contributing in multiple cats when he isn't getting into trouble with his coach or screwing around and not concentrating on his game.

Hibbert should be solid, no complaints with that pick. Danny Green could be solid under a different coach :) I try to stay away from Spurs players, there always seems to be an extra element of crap shoot there that Popovich introduces.

I am no so confident in Calderon, I think he will get you assists at a reasonable rate, maybe Dallas will help him refocus. Varejao will be great when he plays, hopefully he hits the floor soon and stays there. Consistency or production at a high level from Chalmers will be tough, too many high volume players around him and he isn't the primary facilitator. MCW is a question mark, and won't hurt to see what happens with him.

Points are going to be a challenge, and you might need to look for another contributor in Assists in order to lock up that cat since you are relying solely on Paul and Calderon (with contributions from Batum) to compete from week to week. As long as Hibbert and Ibaka don't go down (and their games played in past seasons seem to favor this) you should hold down blocks. 3PTM and FG could be competitive on a weekly basis, and Rebounds are pretty depenent on Varajeo's health - and even when he's healthy, solid/strong teams will definitely be able to hold their own against your team. Steals are also average, you should compete unless you are going up against a team with a specialist or multiple contributors. A very low turnover team!

If you can take some steps to button up assists (and maybe shore up 3PTM and STL with the same move) you should be looking at a playoff spot. Points look like a hard cat to compete in, since CP is your lead scorer I don't know if I would target that category at all, which makes it kind of a unique build :) Point punting would be a strange strategy and tough to follow through with.
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Re: Team Review 2013-2014

Postby wildcat1962 » Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:41 pm

Team review for Mugsy Bogues = HOF

1. Marc Gasol (C-MEM)
2. Paul George (SG/SF-IND)
3. Ricky Rubio (PG-MIN)---Auto Pick
4. Jeff Teague (PG_ATL)
5. Jonas Valanciunas (C-TOR)
6. David West (PF-IND))---Auto Pick
7. Tyson Chandler (C-NY))---Auto Pick
8. Luol Deng (SF-CHI))---Auto Pick
9. JR Smith (SG/SF-NY))---Auto Pick
10. Jameer Nelson (PG-ORL)---Auto Pick
11. John Henson (PF/C-MIL)
12. Avery Bradley (PG/SG-BOS)
13. Omer Asik (C-HOU))---Auto Pick
14. Anthony Bennett (SF/PF-CLE))---Auto Pick

1st, I hope everything is alright with Mugsy & that he is able to manage his team as he has in the past....

In my mind having the majority of his picks chosen by auto-pick would be a hard thing to overcome. All though it may work out this time. He started out with Gasol & George which are 2 great picks. IMO One of the best centers & a really strong versatile swingman that I should have probably taken myself.

The 1st auto-pick netted him Rubio which will instantly help in ast & stls. And getting one of the top point guards is a necessity in the 1st few rounds.

He followed that up with Jeff Teague & team is off to a good start. No glaring weaknesses at this point other than possibly total points.

He then chose Jonas Valanciunas which should solidify his starting centers position. Fouls should be the only that thing that could hold him back. Toronto needs him on the floor.

So Mugsy has 2 centers/ 2 point guards and one of the top swingmen so far. His next 5 picks are auto-picked and IMO he could have done a lot worse. He actually got lucky in that the players chosen for him weren't all at one position, but were spread out across the field. West and Chandler complement his other bigs. Deng & Smith will provide scoring & 3's. Jameer Nelson will provide more assist/3's with Orlando needing all the help they can get. He may be trying to play his way out of town via trade.

When he was able to choose his own player he came back with John Henson who I like to have a solid year & if Ersan's injury lingers he will be a steal at this point. Avery Bradley or someone has to play in Beantown with Rondo's injury.

His last 2 picks were also auto-picked and both can be dropped when a waiver wire guy gets hot. (Much like my team)

Overall, he could have done a whole lot worse with the auto-pick situation. I couldn't imagine a team doing any better with the majority of the heart/middle rounds of his team being auto-picked for him. The team looks pretty strong in most areas.
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Re: Team Review 2013-2014

Postby CurryPork » Wed Oct 16, 2013 2:13 pm

Wildcat Pride

PG - Deron Williams (PG-BKN)
SG - Kobe Bryant (SG-LA)
G - Jrue Holiday (PG-NO)
SF - Gordon Hayword (SG/SF-UTA)
PF - Carmelo Anthony (SF/PF-NY)
F - Andrei Kirilenko (SF/PF-BKN)
C - Joakim Noah (PF/C-CHI)
C - Derrick Favors (PF/C-UTA)
Utl - Jeremy Lin (PG-HOU)
Utl - Nene Hilario (PF/C-WASH)
Bn - Andrea Bargnani (PF/C -NY)olid.
Bn - Caron Butler (SF-MIL)
Bn - Mo Williams (PG/SG-PORT)
Bn - M. World Peace (SF/PF-NY)

This team is really solid. Barring injuries and how Kobe returns, I think this is a top 3 team.

I don't see many holes in this team except for some not so strong categories in FG, TO, and maybe rebounds. But even so, it can compete in those categories against the right opponents.

Drafting towards the tail end of the first round, you're presented with a crap shoot of players and landing Melo is a plus. He'll be a top leader in scoring again. Kobe in the 4th round is a steal and with these two players the points category is pretty secured.

I like the point guards in this team with a stud in Deron. I expect lower scoring and higher assists for him. Jrue Holiday and Jeremy Lin are going to be studs this year, but both will bring down the FG% a bit.

I'm not so sure about the Center position. Noah will provide the right stats, but if he goes down then this team might not be able to compete in the big man categories. Favors is still not really proven, but all indications is that he'll be great this year. Nene? not sure about him.

Some questionable picks: Bargnani, who is a hit or miss. MWP, he's droppable...

Overall, I usually don't like to complement too much, but this team is really well built. I know I'd be happy if it was my team.
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Re: Team Review 2013-2014

Postby seattle » Mon Oct 21, 2013 3:39 pm

King Nole

PG - Kemba Walker (Cha - PG)
SG - OJ Mayo (Mil - SG)
G - Steve Nash (LAL - PG)
SF - Ersan Ilyasova (Mil - SF, PF)
PF - Pau Gasol (LAL - PF, C)
F - Andre Iguodala (GS - SG,SF)
C - Kevin Love (Min - PF, C)
C - Al Horford (Atl - PF,C)
Utl - Gerald Henderson (Cha - SG,SF)
Utl - Tiago Splitter (SAS - C)
Bn - Moe Harkless (Orl - SF)
Bn - Ben McLemore (Sac - SG)
Bn - Kosta Koufos (Mem - PF,C)
Bn - KCP (Det - SG)

When you pair Love and Horford, the sky is the limit on the possibilities on how to build that team. Both big guys are good percentage shooters (ok, assuming Love returns to his post knuckle injury shooting and Horford snaps out of his Dwight-esque FT%). Assuming they all have normal years, King Nole drafted a pretty good efficiency team. With the exception of Iguodala and Horford (but both are known to be decent free throw shooters minus last year), everybody can hit their free throws at a good %. FG% is also solid. Most of his guards are in the 44%+ range.

Other than his %s, he also built this team well in Rebounds, Treys and Scoring. Assists will be a question mark with only Kemba and Nash as his main distributors. But when Nash is healthy and dishes out 8 per contest, he could be competitive in assists as well. Gasol and Horford are both great assist centers and Iguodala can get 7 per game with the number of shooters present in GSW.

Blocks, Turnovers should be around mid-pack. No real shotblockers in this team. But Horford, Splitter, Harkless, Koufus and Gasol may provide 1 apiece.

Overall, this is a nicely built team. Few moves away from making some noise in the semis.
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Re: Team Review 2013-2014

Postby puckkeith » Tue Oct 29, 2013 5:20 am

PG - Monta Ellis (4.11)
SG - Eric Bledsoe (5.2)
G - Tyreke Evans (6.11)
SF - Kevin Durant (1.2)
PF - Tim Duncan (2.11)
F - Larry Sanders (3.2)
C - Spencer Hawes (8.11)
C - JaVale McGee (7.2)
Utl - Shawn Marion (10.11)
Utl - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (11.2)
Bn - Manu Ginobili (12.11)
Bn - Tony Allen (13.2)
Bn - Kelly Olynyk (14.11)
Bn -Rajon Rondo (9.2)

1st off, sorry I am late for this. I have just been busy...but no excuse, here is my review.

If this team loses steals more than once, I will be shocked. With Monta, Bledsoe, Tyreke, KD, Marion, MKG and Tony Allen not sure how they can lose this cat. Then add Rondo...WOW.

This team should be called the goodie monsters! Blocks are going to be solid also. Bledsoe, Tyreke, Marion and MKG will all help the anchors of Sanders, Duncan and McGee.

I am not sure how this team will be on scoring week to week. Durant will be close to 30ppg, but other than Monta Ellis, not sure where the points will come on this team. Not sure Manu can be counted on like years past.

FG% should be a strong cat, at the same time I dont think this team will hit many 3's. Ellis, Bledsoe and Evans are not known for 3's.

Overall this team is strong in stls, blks, FG% and rebs. I think this team is going to struggle in other cats. I see this team looking to make trades to balance out a few cats. (I'm willing to trade Vlad..haha)

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