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Defend Your Reshuffle Team

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Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby nebgib5 » Tue May 06, 2008 6:01 pm

The Thrill wrote:I think we should give each manager an opportunity to explain their team strategy and 'sell their team' so-to-speak (if they choose to). Just open a new topic and have each member who is willing to, jot down an analysis of their own team. We wouldn't make comments in that particular topic so that it could be just a readable top down analysis of each team as posted by each team. And if we desire to make comments on a team's individualized analysis, come over here in the discussion topic and discuss.

Each manager gets one post to explain/defend their team. If you would like to comment on another manager's post, please do so in the Discussion Thread.
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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby ggs » Tue May 06, 2008 7:04 pm

Toronto Raptors

Although the team's strength lies on the defensive end of the floor, there will be no shortage of points scored, with plenty of scoring options at each position to keep opposing defenses honest.

Big-man Scoring:
Dwight Howard will dominate the low-post as his back-to-the-basket game continues to improve. With plenty of mid-range and three-point options to keep defenses from doubling down, Howard will punish opponents who decide to play him straight-up in the paint.

Andrei Kirilenko will also do most of his damage around the basket with a game that perectly compliments Howard's inside power game. Great at grabbing loose balls and finishing around the net, Andrei will get plenty of easy buckets with Dwight drawing most of the defense's attention down low.

Fabricio Oberto and Rasho Nesterovic play a similar game - both are decent low-post options, but where they excel is hitting the open 10-15 foot jumper at the top of the key and along the baselines. Both are solid pick-and-roll options and can finish near the basket.

Grant Hill has shown he can run with the up-and-down Phoenix Suns, and he will be counted upon to carry a good portion of the scoring load as option B on the team. An efficient scorer from the field, Hill is good at creating space for himself and losing defenders around picks and screens.

Kirk Hinrich had a down-year in Chicago but has shown that he can be a scorer on the offensive end. He can run pick-and-roll options with the big-men and can hit open threes. He also has a decent pull-up jumper and isn't afraid to take it into the paint. A good decision-maker in the open court, he'll be asked to push the floor with athletic options on the wings.

Raja Bell is deadly beyond the arc and will hit open shots as they come his way.

Guard-passing is about average with the other teams in the league. Though Hinrich isn't a phenomenal creator like Nash or Paul, he is a good distributor and finds the right man to give the ball to. Post-passing is good with Kirilenko, Nesterovic and Oberto all being good big-men passers - Dwight will need to improve his decision-making out of double-teams but he has the tools (and height!) to be a good passer.

Rebounding is a definite strength for this team with a number of bigs that fight for missed shots, all starting with Howard. Dwight is not only a terrific rebounder, but his size and strength crowds the paint for opposing bigs and allows guys like Kirilenko and Hill to crash the weak-side for loose boards. Even Hinrich rebounds at a good rate for a point guard.

Where the team will win ball games. Terrific on-the-ball defenders at the guard spots with Hinrich and Bell as two of the league's better guard stoppers. Hill is an average solo defender but a good team defender and provides help if the guards are beaten off the dribble. Kirilenko is great man-to-man defender and is versatile enough to defend a number of positions. It all then funnels back to Howard, an excellent shot-blocker and imposing defensive force in the paint.

Oberto and Nesterovic are also good big-man defenders, and Ross is one of the game's best on the defensive end and can be inserted into the starting lineup if another stopper is needed.

Solid, not spectacular, but everyone knows their roles. Harrington will be counted on to provide offense as he is rangy and athletic, able to hurt teams with the three ball on one play, then take it to the basket on the next play. Oberto and Nesterovic will see decent court time to spell Howard and can both step up and make open shots while playing good defense. Pargo is a steady point guard who can hit open threes and get his teammates involved. The athletic Cook can come off the bench to provide additional offense, as can Mason. Ross will be used as the second unit's defensive stopper. Everyone on the bench has some NBA experience and high basketball IQ.

This is a smart team that is built on tough defense and will rely on Howard to abuse teams inside. The players are versatile and several play multiple positions; they can go big to play against more traditional teams, or small to run with the quicker teams. There are hustle guys, glue guys, and guys who can take big shots to close out a game. There are a number of leaders on the squad who can step up and carry the team if necessary - both vocal and passive leaders. The players all exhibit toughness and there is a good balance of young talent with veteran experience. There are no problem players or question marks, all this team wants to do is play ball and win. Everyone has a role and everyone should buy into the team concept - the different players compliment each other and this is a well-rounded team. This team was built to be a championship contender and all the pieces are in place for that to happen.
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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby RedHopeful » Tue May 06, 2008 9:10 pm


The Hornets will win this year's championship due to our incredible balance, drive and veteran leadership. Offensively, we have a number of excellent shooters, 1 on 1 players and intelligent playmakers. Defensively, we have 3 of the best in the league along with several other solid defenders while rebounding will be a strong suit. The team also has solid intangibles which start with determination. Most of our players are hungry and driven to be the best. From this, we expect the team to form a solid bond based on outstanding play and a ton of wins.

Considering our strength lies in our wings, we will employ an uptempo offense based on a motion offense - much like Phil Jackson's Triangle. This appears to be a solid choice when considering it is has brought both Bryant and Jordan a number of NBA championships. Our quick team will push the ball at every turn and should score a number of easy baskets in transition.

Defensively, we will suffocate any team with excellent man to man defense. We will be able to matchup well with any lineup being able to go small ball with Landry and Camby in the post or play our beefy starting lineup against the larger teams. The Bulls Dynasty led by Jordan did so well defensively because of their unique set of defenders. We feel the Hornets will be able to play in much the same manner.


It all starts with the preeminent player in the NBA and arguably the most clutch performer, Kobe Bryant. He does everything well - shoot, attack the rim, pass, rebound and play defense. In addition, he appears to be poised to win his first league MVP due in part of his maturation of entrusting the team concept. Fact is, you need a top star to win a championship as the last 41 out of 51teams have had a top player.

Next, Ron Artest will make a wonderful compliment to Kobe due to his versatility. He is one of the league's best defenders having won Defensive Player of the Year in 2004. His offensive game has improved greatly as evidenced by having set a career best field goal percentage and three point percentage this past season. Many worry about his mental instability. However, it is obvious that he has improved his attitude the last few seasons sticking it out with the lowly Kings w/o any distractions. He was a finalist in this year's NBA citizenship award. Furthermore, he has stated that he wants to win a championship more than anything and would love to do it alongside one of the few players better than him in the league - like Kobe.

Anchoring the middle will be 2007 Defensive Player of the Year, Marcus Camby. He is an active post player, a premier rebounder, good passer and one of the best shot blockers. In addition, he can score well in the open court and I'm sure he'll get a number of easy looks thanks to the attention our wingmen will garner.

Alongside Marcus, Nenad Krstic will provide the physical aspect of playing in the paint. Coming off ACL surgery, he has added significant bulk to his frame allowing him to build on already a talented offensive game. This season was a difficult one for him in coming back but his last two months of the season he was able to average very respectable numbers of around 9 points and 6 rebounds in 22 minutes of play. We feel he'll be able to provide solid play during the playoffs and especially the next few seasons as he enters his begins to enter his prime.

Manning the point will be Jamaal Tinsley. He is considered a team-orientated point guard and his excellent ball-handling skills combined with his solid court vision will help the Lakers get a number of easy baskets. In addition, he is considered to be a pretty good defensive player.


We have veteran Mike James and future phenom Louis Williams who will be able to backup Tinsley or play major minutes in case of injury. James is a hard-working veteran who is a solid scorer and defender. Williams is an athletic freak who took a major step forward this season with his play. Already an excellent scorer, he improved his ball handling, decision making and defense.

Playing behind Kobe and Artest, Charlie Bell will spell either by providing tough defense and solid shooting thanks to his athleticism and experience. Matt Carroll will come off the bench to provide the deadly shooting from beyond the arc many championship caliber teams rely on in the post season.

Backing up our big men, Carl Landry, Aaron Gray and Kris Humphries will do a fantastic job. Landry emerged as an impressive rookie (Top PER of 21.56 among all rookies and 18th overall) with Houston this season and will provide solid defense, rebounding, toughness and pretty polished offensive game. Gray did an admirable job in limited minutes (14.02 PER) and his size and strength will be useful against larger sized opponents. Lastly, Humphries is another physical presence who will aid the middle.

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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby RobitusinZ » Tue May 06, 2008 9:24 pm

Space reserved: I will eventually post something here, I swear, I just need some time to formulate something on par with previous posters. :D
thanks for the sig, soty!

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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby nebgib5 » Tue May 06, 2008 9:52 pm


I'm not going to treat this as a sell (I don't think my team is in danger of moving into anyone's top 5) but more as a candid assessment of where I was trying to go with this team, and how well I think I succeeded.

I'll be frank; I'm not particularly pleased with how my team turned out. In basketball, more than in any other sport, one player can dictate the outcome of a game, and hence, the teams with picks in the top 10 or so (in my estimation, that's about how many guys there are in the NBA who often do singlehandedly dictate the outcome of a game) were given a significant head start. Picking from almost the very bottom of the first round was challenging. Nonetheless, I feel I have assembled a team that should be somewhat competitive the first year or two, and has some solid potential down the line, contingent, of course, upon the development of a couple players (mostly Sean Williams and Bargnani).


The starting 5 consists of Jose Calderon, Josh Howard, Andrea Bargnani, Antonio McDyess and Eddy Curry. The unit should be able to score, as I've assembled one very talented perimeter scorer, an excellent low post scorer (for all of Curry's faults, you can't deny him this) and one of the most capable (and efficient) distributors to get everyone the ball. Given Curry's stamina, or lack thereof, we will, for the most part, employ a traditional half-court offense, although in the 20-25 mpg that Sean Williams will see, the tempo will probably be a little quicker.

Defense is somewhat of a question with the starting unit, as both Curry and Calderon are below-average defenders, and Bargnani may struggle with smaller, quicker SF's. Howard, however, is a strong perimeter defender and will need to be our defensive stopper most nights, while McDyess should do a very solid job against most PF's. Against particularly dynamic PG's or teams that employ a variety of perimeter threats, we will likely need to play some zone.

Much of the success of the starting unit is contingent upon the development of Bargnani, which has stalled in the past year, and here I really believe I have put him in a situation to succeed. Jose Calderon will be accompanying him to Boston, so already he will know a teammate, and be on the same page offensively with the man who will be running the offense and getting him the ball. Bargnani should also be an instant fan favorite in a city with a large Italian-American population, and with the team very unlikely to seriously contend at the start, he won't be crucified by the Boston media for mistakes he makes. All of these factors should aid Bargnani's comfort level, and give him an opportunity to have a bounce-back year.


The bench consists primarily of young prospects, with Earl Watson the lone veteran. Sean Williams is the standout here, freakishly athletic and a defensive presence that can spell Curry and provide shotblocking and toughness in the middle. He will be groomed as Curry's replacement, as I doubt Curry has too many more productive years left in him, and will assume Curry's spot in the starting lineup a couple years down the road. Belinelli will hopefully develop into the prototypical sixth man, who can jump into the game and provide instant offense. Another Italian, he should be popular in Boston, and the foreign nucleus of him, Calderon and Bargnani should hopefully make him feel comfortable. I see great potential in both Wilson Chandler and Jermareo Davidson, two PF's with long wingspans and great athleticism, and the hope is that one or both will develop into a sufficient replacement for McDyess. Graham and Diawara fill out the roster.
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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby sabonis » Wed May 07, 2008 2:46 am

Here it is:
My aim was to get a good team together consisting of talented young guys. I just thought of myself as a scout more than a GM. What I want is, after a few years when I look at this team I can say to myself "wow this is a hell of a team" rather than looking and seeing 2 most important players of my team are retired...

The starters are Harris-Almond-Durant-CV-Perkins with Monta, Maxiell, and Sessions are the main bench backups. Balkman will see minutes as well. Atkins will be in the game for the 3pt threat if necessary. Fesenko and CJ Miles will probably be still developing. That being said, if Almond turns out to be still developing as well, then I slide Monta to the starting line up instead of him.

About Durant, his FG% and 3p% are exactly the same with Lebron's first year. in fact Durant's FG% is better. He's rebounding the ball good enough as a rookie and as a SG. I'm sure he'll develop into a great player. Don't you guys get the impression I'm comparing him to Lebron I'm not... Oh also let's not forget that the guy never ran into a rookie wall, instead he finished the season very strong.

Most of you think that my team shoots the 3ball badly. Harris can shoot it and he started shooting it more in Nets, Almond can shoot it, Durant obviously will get it better, CV can shoot it (PF shooting the 3ball is a gift from God in any team). Monta started shooting 18 footers like layups, so the ball can be kicked out to him as well after Harris slashes in. Defensively I can go small with Monta in the line up, or I can be really huge with Harris-Durant-Maxiell/Balkman-CV-Perkins even though I'm not in favor of putting Durant at SG (but he'll play 7-10 minutes of his 40 in SG). Now that is a huge huge lineup that most of teams can't compete with and they rebound like hell. What I mean is, even though this team is very young, it has got lots of talent and lots of flexibility.

About inside scoring, CV has some nice post moves and I see Perkins has learned some stuff from Garnett as well. On the other hand with the pick and roll Harris and Ramon Sessions can feed my bigs.

These are the first things that came to my mind.
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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby Coast to Coast » Wed May 07, 2008 7:09 am



Brooklyn never looked so good. With 19 million people in New York–Northern New Jersey and Long Island, the Tri-State Region is the most populous metropolitan area in the US and one of the most populous in the world. 19 million people ACHING for a championship, which they haven't seen since the Knicks in 1973. Who better to deliver that championship than the King himself -- LeBron James.

LeBron, in his short, impressive and highly successful career, has never been blessed with the supporting roster the Nets have assembled, a wildly athletic and talented team, infused with youth at all positions with a few solid veterans to ensure poise and grace in the heat of the playoffs.

First, the Brooklyn Nets roster and depth chart.

PG- Acie Law IV (6.28) 23 years old; 6'3,195 lbs.,Texas A&M, #11 draft pick
SG- Vince Carter (2.28) 31 years old; 6'6, 220 lbs., North Carolina, #5 draft pick
SF- LeBron James (1.03) 23 years old, 6'8, 240 lbs., High School, #1 draft pick
PF- Zach Randolph (4.28) 26 years old, 6'9, 260 lbs., Michigan State, #19 draft pick
C-Andrew Bogut (3.03) 23 years old, 7'0, 245 lbs., Utah, #1 draft pick
B-Jamal Crawford (5.03) - PG/SG Sixth man 28 years old, 6'5, 190 lbs., Michigan, #8 draft pick
B-Shelden Williams (7.03) - PF/C 24 years old, 6'9, 250 lbs., Duke, #5 draft pick
B- Sebastian Telfair (8.28) - PG 22 years old, 6'0, 168 lbs., High School, #13 draft pick
B- Mouhamed Saer Sene (9.03) - C 21 years old, 7'0, 235 lbs., High School, #10 draft pick
B- Quentin Richardson (10.28) - SF 27 years old, 6'6, 235 lbs., DePaul, #18 draft pick
B- Sam Cassell (11.03) - PG 38 years old, 6'3, 185 lbs, Florida State, #24 draft pick
B- Raef LaFrentz (12.28) - PF/C 31 years old, 6'11, 245 lbs., Kasnas, #3 draft pick

Nets Depth chart:
PG: Acie Law, Sebastian Telfair, Sam Cassell, Jamal Crawford
SG: Vince Carter, Jamal Crawford, Sam Cassell
SF: LeBron James, Quentin Richardson, Vince Carter
PF: Zach Randolph, Shelden Williams, Raef LaFrenz
C: Andrew Bogut, Mouhamed Saer Sene, Raef LaFrenz

Up and down the roster, Nets are overflowing with talent. Every single member of the Nets was chosen in the FIRST ROUND of the NBA draft at an average drafting position of 9.8, seven top ten picks and two #1 overall picks. Half of the roster is 24 and under. Excluding 38 year old championship winner backup PG Cassell, the average age of the roster is a spry 26 years old (27 with Cassell).

Big Three Anchors the Team. An offensive juggernaut for sure, but also strong defenders at each position to dominate both ends of the floor. I sport a "Big Three" (King James, Vinsanity, Zach Randolph) which rivals the famed "Big Three" of the 2008 Celtics (Garnett, Allen, Pierce). Comparing like years (2006-7), before the Celtics Big3 were reunited, the Nets Big Three actually made MORE FGs, had MORE points per game, MORE assists per game and were virtually identical in rebounds. My big three combined per game average (27.6 FGs, 76.2 points; 13.0 assists; 22.8 rebounds) vs. the Celtics Big3 (25.5 FGs; 73.8 points; 12.4 assists; 23.2 rebounds). Bet you are surprised. Who would have thought?

Now, add to that ---> #1 NBA draft pick and 23 year old seven footer Andrew Bogut, who averaged 14.4 ppg, 9.8 rpg and 1.7 bpg.

Now, add to that ---> not one, but two incredibly young and talented playmakers, 22 year old BROOKLYN NATIVE hometown hero Brooklyn's own Sebastian Telfair, who averaged 6.2 assists in 50+ games this years as a starter and 23 year old Acie Law, the 11th pick in last year's draft who is a solid, smart PG with great ballhandling skills.

Now, add to that ---> a leading sixth man - Jamal Crawford - who this year averaged 20.6 ppg, 5.0 apg, 2.2 3pt per game and 1 spg. Jamal will spend his time working his magic against the second unit to keep the crazy fireworks going non-stop.

Now, add to that ---> THREE strong DEFENSIVE minded bigs - Shelden Williams, a former Duke BlueDevil and #5 pick in 2006 draft who is a young, high upside defensive PF beast and two seven footers who know how to rebound and block shots - Mouhamed Sene (9.0 rpg and 1.7 bpg) and Raef LaFrenz (career 6.1 rpg and 1.6 bpg) to augment offensive-minded Zach Randolph who despite his offensive focus, still averaged 10.3 rebounds this year.

Now, add to that ---> a hurricane of solid three point shooters - LeBron, Vince, Jamal, Quentin Richardson (former NBA 3pt shootout champion in 2005) and one of the greatest 3pt shooting 7 footers to ever play the game (a la Sabonis and Dirk) 31 year old Raef LaFrenz.

Now, add to that ---> the glue - one of the smartest playmakers and best scorers in the NBA - Sam I Am Cassell - a proven championship winner, a bundle of energy and the best motivator who will coach, teach and prod my young PGs and keep my youthful energetic roster focused on the prize - an NBA championship for the tri-state area

Under the leadership of the fiercely determined LeBron James, who NEVER in his short career had even a modicum of the talent he has on my Nets team (except in the Olympics and All-Star game appearances). My opponents will dread playing my Nets because you can NEVER afford to double team because my BIG4 (don't forget Bogut) will make you pay.....

Talk about tough matchups for opponents...-- LeBron is a nightmare matchup for anyone, including Artest and Bruce Bowen
-- Vince Carter, an incredible playmaker, for the first time is his storied All-Star career, no longer gets the top defender - WATCH OUT!!!
-- Zach Randolph - a perennial 20/10 threat and a young defensive monster Shelden Williams to spell Zach and contain tougher PF matchups
-- Jamal Crawford and Quentin Richardson - two legitimate starting NBA players now feasting against the second unit
-- FOUR versatile seven footers, all of which can block and rebound, and one of whom averages 10 ppg, another which is deadly behind the arc
-- Two 6 foot 3, decent size PGs (Acie and Cassell) and one lighting quick hometown hero, young playmaker in Telfair

This team is built to win now AND for the next ten years. With only 1 player over 31, Nets have the best combination of win now mentality AND significant youth to build a dynasty around. 19 million people in the Tri-State area will rally behind the King and Vinsanity to bring a ring for the first time in 25 years.
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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby Vanadis » Wed May 07, 2008 8:25 pm

Phoenix Suns

Main goal of the team is to be the top contender for the championship 2-8 years from now. (With the development of Chris Paul, this may come sooner rather than later). Many of the other teams are getting old and competing this year, next, and MAYBE 2-3 years from now. A few teams are trying to compete 7 years from now. I figured there's a gap for proven players who are still developing but not completely raw.

My starters are all 22 to 26 years old and no one is over 28.

At the same time, many of them are proven and have played major minutes at some point in their career.

PG: Chris Paul (1.02), 22 years old, 6'0"
SG: Jason Richardson (2.29), 26 years old, 6'6"
SF: Linas Kleiza (5.02), 23 years old, 6'8"
PF: Tyrus Thomas (4.29), 21 years old, 6'9"
C: Samuel Dalembert (3.02), 26 years old, 6'11"
BN: Troy Murphy (6.29), 27 years old, 6'11"
BN: Matt Barnes (7.02), 27 years old, 6'7"
BN: Sean May (8.29), 24 years old, 6'9"
BN: Carlos Arroyo (9.02), 28 years old, 6'2"
BN: Willie Green (10.29), 26 years old, 6'4"
BN: Nick Fazekas (11.02), 22 years old, 6'11"
BN: Gerald Green (12.29), 22 years old, 6'8"

Depth Chart:
PG: Paul, Arroyo
SG: JRich, W. Green
SF: Kleiza, Barnes, G. Green
PF: Thomas, Murphy, May
C: Dalembert, Fazekas, May
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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby statsman88 » Thu May 08, 2008 8:43 pm

With my team, I basically have a deep enough bench to field 2 starting fives right now, so I'm gonna compare my team to this years Lakers. The 07-08 Lakers have the great starting 5 that includes Kobe, Pau, Fisher, Odom, and when healthy Bynum. But what separates the Lakers is they have such a deep bench with Walton, Radman, Turiaf, Farmar, and Vajucic, that their starters never get tired and wont get run down at the end of the season. Their second unit is also on the floor together a good amount of time which makes the whole team stronger.

With the Indiana Pacers, I've decided to field a starting five of:
Steve Blake, Ben Gordon, Shane Battier, Tim Duncan, and Emeka Okafor.

This lineup gives me a tremendous defensive team outside of Gordon and a great offensive team. Obviously we will have a slower tempo offense that will revolve around Okafor and Duncan. Okafor is not nearly involved enough in the Bobcats offense right now, but on my team he will be a 20 point scorer. Shane Battier is the do it all kinda-guy who will score when occasionally and hit the open jumper. Battier is also the defensive stopper who will take the Kobe's and Lebron's of this world. Ben Gordon will be the scoring threat from the outside and can create his own shot and will score 18-20 a game. The inside/outside balance will be killer. Okafor and Duncan obviously will dominate defensively underneath. Steve Blake is a nice but undersized point guard. He can keep the defenses honest with his outside shot and is an unselfish distributor who is not a run and gun point guard which is just what I need. I know he's undersized, but I dont think I really need a big defensive point guard with Battier, Duncan and Okafor.

2nd Unit:
Jarrett Jack, Sasha Pavlovic, Wally Szczerbiak, Al Thornton Fransisco Elson

This is going to be a more athletic squad outside of Szczerbiak. This team isnt much of a run and gun team either but it will be a bit more uptempo than the first squad. Jack is a nice point guard and is underrated, his outside shot isnt the greatest but Wally and Pavlovic are the shooters on this unit. Jack is a good penetrator and get Wally and Pavlovic good shots. Thornton is a creator and will score from all over. Thornton has oodles of ability as he showed flashes this year putting up some 30 point games in his rookie campaign. Fransisco Elson will be in the middle and is a solid backup center. He will add some defense to the squad. Elson will not be on the floor with the unit at all times however. Swift will see a few minutes here and there but Okafor and/or Duncan need to be on the floor as much as they can. Okafor is the younger of the 2 studly centers and would probably see more time than Duncan.

Backups: SAR, Stromile Swift

Both of these guys can produce when called upon and if they are healthy. Swift is a fairly big guy who has never developed into a good player like some thought he would but he's shown flashes. Playing with Duncan and Okafor should help him. SAR just had major surgery on his knee, but when he's right and healthy he is a huge asset to any team.

Final Thoughts
The one problem I could see with my starting five is a possible inability to create shots outside of Duncan/Okafor. I think that Pavlovic is good enough that he can create shots for himself. If this starting lineup does need a pure outside scorer, then I can easily put Gordon into the starting lineup and the problem will be solved.

As far as youth and future goes with this team, this team is built to win now but that doesnt mean that it has no youth and future. With Gordon/Okafor/Pavlovic/Thornton/Jack this team has a good core of young players to go along with the veterans. This team is playoff bound and would be a serious contender for a championship
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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby geodbear » Sat May 10, 2008 7:19 am

Real busy right now but I'll "defend" my team a little. Really, it was about assembling a group of players to draw fans and build a young foundation that will lead toward a championship team in a few years because Atlanta is a weak sports town. Hence the first pick was Carmelo. I think the main reason why I picked him is that he's top 5 scorer and scoring draws fans. He can be a face of the franchise and will turn 24 this month so he's young.

GWall was picked up in the 2nd round prior to his concussion. I was going to stretch it and play him at PF since I already drafted Melo, but given his past injury issues and the concussion I'm now going to stretch it and try him at SG. His outside shot has improved and his size will cause matchup problems on offense and we know he's a capable defender. Also, at age 26, he hasn't hit his prime but injuries are a huge concern. He'll also serve to back up Melo. If Crash stays healthy, he will draw fans with his hard-nosed play. I envision a fan section in the nosebleeds where a group of fans wear crash helmets.

Then I have a couple of vets in Bibby and Brad Miller. They'll start now and will contribute on the offensive end. With a player like Melo, I see the team running a good deal of isos, opening the floor for the other guys.

To round out the starting line up, I have Varejao for defense. I don't expect much from Sideshow Bob on the offensive end. He's there to board and hustle. He'll bring in fans with his play and hair. Every team needs a character and he's it.

Then for the backups, I looked at defense and youth. Pietrus, James Jones, and Smush Parker are my more veteran backups but under 28 and can provide defense and spread the floor with 3 point shooting. Looking back, I may have gone overboard with my youth picks in Crittenton, O'Bryant, Mahinmi, and McGuire, but they all have potential. The two I'm most intrigued about are Crittenton and Mahinmi. Crittenton is an Atlanta native so you get the hometown hero angle with him. I'm 60-40 that O'Bryant is a bust but I also don't think he got a chance at Golden State and he's only 21. He's got 7'6" wingspan and is a legitimate 7-footer with decent agility. McGuire was a stab in the dark 12th round pick. A 2nd round draft pick in 2007, I just liked the fact he had two triple doubles in college during his junior year one with points, rebounds, and assists, and the other with points, rebouds, and blocks who'll probably be a SF/PF in the NBA.

So, starting lineup:

Mike Bibby - PG
Gerald Wallace - SG
Carmel Anthony - SF
Anderson Varejao - PF
Brad Miller - C

Key backups: Mickael Pietrus, James Jones, Smush Parker
Developing players: Javaris Crittenton, Ian Mahinmi, Patrick O'Bryant, Dominic McGuire

Summary: Young team, built to draw fans. Offense will revolve around Melo and floor spread by having 3 point shooters.
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Yes, Warriors sold at last!

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