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Defend Your Reshuffle Team

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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby plonden » Sat May 10, 2008 11:55 pm

More to come...
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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby Nene » Sun May 11, 2008 3:31 am


Depth Chart:
PG- Joe Johnson, Anthony Carter
SG- Kelenna Azubuike, Fred Jones
SF- Hedo Turkoglu, Bostjan Nachbar
PF- Carlos Boozer, Brandon Bass, Vlad Radmanovic
C- Joakim Noah, Tony Battie, Elton Brown

Predicted record: 48-34

The Breakdown:
{PG: Starting Joe Johnson at PG gives the team a good sized PG that can do it all. He has the ability to score and distribute, and can also play two other positions. As shown during this year's playoffs, JJ has the ability to take games over, scoring 35 to help down top seeded Boston. Anthony Carter is a solid veteran who can pass very well. He should do an excellent job of running the second unit.

SG: Azubuike has the tools to be a great shooting guard. As it is, he is stuck behind Stephen Jackson, but when he started early in the year, he showed he has what it takes to be an effective starter in this league, with the strength and ability to get to the hole and absorb contact. Fred Jones can score, which is all we need him to do. He'll play spot mins at SG and fill in nicely when needed.

SF: At SF, we have the most improved player of the year, Hedo Turkoglu. Hedo can make plays happen, having averaged 4.5 apg during the season. He has the shooting touch, and so does his backup, which means there will always be a good shooter on the court for the Magic. Couple these guys with Vlad Rad and there are going to be plenty of made three pointers.

PF: Moving to the PF position, we have first round pick Carlos Boozer. Boozer is a steady 20/10 guy who can flat out get it done. Brandon Bass coming off the bench is a big boost. He's high energy and usually has an amazing dunk to energize the crowd at least every other game. With great hops and strength he should develop into an excellent power forward.

C: Noah is also a prospect, who showed remarkable shot blocking ability in his days at Florida, and is developing his offensive game still. His offense remains a question mark, but his rebounding and shot blocking abilities are already solid. Backing him up is veteran Tony Battie, who missed this season due to injury, but is a solid backup in this league. Elton Brown is a wild card prospect, who put up incredible numbers in the D-League. We're hoping he can translate some of that to success in the NBA.

The Bottom Line:
How far this team goes will ultimately fall upon the shoulders of the prospects. We know what we're getting from Boozer, and Hedo Turkoglu. Azubuike, Noah, and Bass will make the difference. If Azubuike can consistently night in and night out put up 15 ppg and Noah can become a double double threat, this team will be very effective. Bass will bring the drive off the bench, and is an excellent energy guy. Outside shooting will be a strength of this team, as all the swingmen can shoot, from Hedo to Nachbar, and Vlad Rad. So it is expected that this team will shoot a high % from three point range and that should give Boozer some room to work inside. Ultimately, this Magic team will make the playoffs and should make some noise.
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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby silentjim » Tue May 13, 2008 1:20 am

Depth Chart:

PG: Chauncey Billups, Chris Quinn, Travis Diener
SG: Daniel Gibson, Rudy Gay, Travis Diener
SF: Rudy Gay, Thaddeus Young, Travis Outlaw
PF: Antawn Jamison, Thaddeus Young, Travis Outlaw, Josh McRoberts
C: Erick Dampier, Spencer Hawes, Cheikh Samb, Josh McRoberts


Chauncey Billups (31 Years old, 6' 3", 202 pounds) - Averaging 17.0 points, 3.3 rebounds, 6.3 assists, 1.9 threes, and 1.1 steals in Detroit. Probably has no upside, but the fact of the matter is he can control a game single handedly and is a tough defender on other PGs.
Daniel Gibson (22 Years old, 6' 2", 190 pounds) - This past year he averaged 10.4 points, 2.3 rebounds, 2.5 assists, and 2.0 threes all while shooting above average percentages with low TOs. Upside for Gibson is fairly high. Scoring should be the easiest obstacle, but stronger D and a little more facilitation would make Gibson a perfect compliment guard.
Rudy Gay (21 Years old, 6' 9", 220 pounds) - With increased playing time and a year's worth of maturity, Rudy exploded with 20.2 points, 6.2 boards, 2.0 assists, and 1.7 threes a game. Rudy Gay reached elite status last year joining, Rasheed Wallace, Shawn Marion, Shane Battier, Lebron James, and Danny Granger as the only 6 guys in the NBA to average at least 1 three, block, and steal all year. Rudy Gay's upside is probably somewhere between Rasheed Wallace and Shawn Marion. His length and athleticism make him statistical giant, but his mental attitude makes him worthy of championships.
Antawn Jamison (31 Years old, 6 ' 9", 235 pounds) - Last year, in what was essentially one of Jamison's best years as a Pro, Jamison averaged 21.4 points, 10.2 boards, 1.5 assists, 1.3 steals, and 1.5 threes a game. Jamison's upside has probably been tapped out and his numbers will probably stay similar or decline a small bit.
Erick Dampier (32 Years old, 6' 11", 265 pounds) - Career averages of 8.6 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks epitomize Dampier. Known to show flashes of brilliance for a game or two, but always stuck in relative mediocrity. Dampier, however, does bring in a strong defense in the middle, and if Chauncey Billups can help Ben Wallace average 8.0 points a game in Detroit right now, then there's no reason to doubt Dampier can't go 10/10 on any given night.

Points: 77.6
Rebounds: 29.4
Assists: 13.2
Threes: 7.1


Thaddeus Young (19 Years old, 6' 8", 220 pounds) - In his rookie season Thaddeus average 27 minutes a game and was one of the spark plugs that kept a young Sixers team in contention and then into the playoffs. I'll let tell the rest:

NBA Comparison: Paul Pierce
Strengths: Elite level athlete ... Extremely fluid and explosive ... Blessed with incredible gifts ... Prototypical small forward ... Has the advantage of being left handed, making him tougher to defend ... Has great length for a wing player ... Strong competitor ... Outside shooting and shot off the dribble have shown solid improvement ... Foot speed and length make him a terrific pressure defender ... Triggers the press defense well with his speed and quickness ... Great attitude, hard worker. Excels in the classroom with a 4.0 GPA ... His potential is incredible, but he still needs to gain confidence in his abilities and body strength ...

Travis Outlaw (23 Years old, 6' 9", 215 pounds) - What can I say? He's 23 years old and has 5 seasons of NBA experience. On the verge of averaging a block and steal a game, Outlaw is an excellent defender, whose size and athleticism are perfect for the Cavaliers. He only started 6 games last year for Portland and still averaged 13.3 points a game, showing his comfort level in the NBA and on a team.
Spencer Hawes (20 Years old, 7' 0", 230 pounds) - Hawes is of course constantly compared to Brad Miller, so it only seemed fitting that when he was drafted the Kings jumped on him.

Strengths: Hawes is very long and has very good hands. He runs the floor very well for his size. His ball-handling, is fantastic, especially in the open court, as he played a lot of guard before his reaching his full height. Hawes is very smooth on the court, and has a great, soft touch around the basket. He possesses good shooting form, and has range out to three point distance, but is only consistent to about 18 feet. He is very fundamentally sound, with excellent footwork in the post. He will immediately be one of the best passing big men in the country, whether it’s out of the post, double team, in the open court, or on the perimeter. He is a decent shot-blocker, but does position himself well on defense.

Chris Quinn (24 Years old, 6' 2", 185 pounds) - A great guy to come of the bench and give Chauncey some rest, Quinn fits the stereotypical back-up role. A great passer and facilitator Quinn should be able to run the second unit and get the other guys involved.
Travis Diener (26 Years old, 6' 1", 175 pounds) - Diener quickly rose to fame when Marquette's Golden Eagles thanks to Dywane Wade reached the final four. Drafted by the Magic, but unheard of for years, Diener has emerged once again as one of the quicker and better young distributors. In games where he played at least 20 minutes, he averaged 5.7 assists.
Josh McRoberts (21 Years old, 6' 10", 240 pounds) - Young and a with a lot of potential, McRoberts was worthy of a pick. An excellent shooter, but lacking some low post moves, McRoberts has plenty of room to grow. If he has any upside what so ever, he will be worthy of a pick.
Cheikh Samb (23 Years old, 7' 1", 220 pounds) - A blocking machine, Samb has always had dominance on his mind. Questions concerning his weight have always come up, varying from 190-220 pounds, but concerns have been disproven when it came out that he had put on 25 pounds of lean muscle. Antonio McDyess said this:

He’s unbelievably improved from training camp to now. Before, you could push him around, get shots off on him. Now he’s gotten so much stronger. This guy lifts weights so much, it doesn’t make sense. If he takes off his shirt, he’s pretty ripped up. It’s hard to push him off the blocks now.


Though this was a "true" Reshuffle with no salaries taken into consideration, I do think it's important to try and take a look at players current salaries and see what Free Agent dollars can be spent in the future.


Chauncey Billups: $10,000,000
Daniel Gibson: $687,456
Rudy Gay: $2,411,160
Antawn Jamison: $16,360,095
Erick Dampier: $8,587,500

Total: $38,046,211


Thaddeus Young: $1,830,720
Travis Outlaw: $4,000,000
Travis Diener: $1,500,000
Chris Quinn: $687,456
Spencer Hawes: $2,028,600
Cheikh Samb: $427,163
Josh McRoberts: $427,163

Total: $10,901,102

Grand Total: $48,947,313

The current Cleveland Cavalier's team has a 2007-2008 total team salary of $81,123,928. A difference of $32.1 Million dollars. The Cavs currently have the 4th highest payroll in the league which is undoubtedly high, but even the Bobcats, the team with the lowest salary is still $3.8 million higher than my current Cleveland Cavaliers. The average team salary is $68.8 million, essentially giving me $20 million available via free agency. Granted there are no free agents, but the concept is there.

I also believe that Dampier becomes an excellent trade piece because of his high contract, which would make him an easy expiring contract to a team looking to rebuild and/or spend less money.

With an average age of 24 Years old, with Veteran leadership to boot, the Cleveland Cavaliers look to be a team worthy of contention now, and even better down the line. As others have commented, not landing a top 10 pick quickly makes the future look a little bleak, but as far as the first round went, I was pleasantly surprised to have landed Chauncey Billups, a veteran point guard.

Now, I won't claim to be the best team in the East, but I do think this team will play much better ball than expected early on. Playoffs are clearly in the picture for the Cavaliers and I wouldn't be surprised to land somewhere in between the 3rd and 8th seed with records being very tight.

Even though, I am interpreting my team statistically (since it is our only solid form of evidence to back up our predictions) I also think its necessary to take a look at team Chemistry a little more in depth as well as just general cohesiveness.

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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby the one » Wed May 14, 2008 5:49 pm

I think people in the top 10 had a real advantage in this draft. I felt that with my draft position, I could put together a decent team that could make the playoffs or I could shoot for something higher down the road. As aGM, the one thing I would hate is having a team that was hoping to make the playoffs year after year or just making it into the playoffs with a 1 round and out appearance just hoping that somehow someway next year will be different. :-P With the billionaire Paul Allen as owner and a loyal fan base in Portland, I decided to go with a long term, good culture franchise building approach that the real Blazers have gone with. Think of the Michigan Fab 5 with 10 years not 4. With the youngest team in the league, my first year should be pretty rough but it should net me a top 3 talent in the upcoming draft to help build my team’s assets. Rose or Beasly? Tough call but someone has to make the choice. The down side to the ultra youth approach is how much all that losing will affect the moral of the players. Not having any bad apples should help but it is a concern. Hopefully they can see the big picture and see that in 4 years, they could be competing for championships for 6 years. Another hurdle in the plan is the lack of older role models and veteran leadership. But I am pretty sure I can trade for a blotted older vet contract in return for some youth with potential. This ultra youth approach could end up as a big failure, come out decently, or maybe end up being something special. Let’s assume the later with the realization it could fall flat on its face. :-D

C Al Horford-age21
A young center who has already proven what he can do in his rookie year by competing for the ROY. Good at both ends of the court but I want to mold him to be more of a defensive stopper which every winning team needs. He can do more scoring when Jefferson is on the bench. Good citizen with a positive attitude.

Hopeful potential- Horace Grant who can score.

PF Al Jefferson- age23
Already one of the premier post players in the game, I see him scoring in the mid 20’s very soon. Every winning team needs a post player and he is one of the best. While not a good defensive player, he stepped up some this year on the defensive end. Hopefully he can develop into a decent defensive player. Good citizen with a good attitude.

Hopeful potential- Elton Brand (almost there already)

If Horford can develop his defense, I have that big man defensive stopper and big man post player which is key.

SF Corey Brewerage-22
Already good on the defensive end. He will be my Kobe stopper or stopper for whoever else needs to be guarded on the wing. Every team needs that wingman that can play defense. I really need him to develop his shot and his 3 pointer to open the floor up for the 2 big guys. Unfortunately he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn this year :-P . Fortunately shooting is one of the deficiencies that can be overcome with a positive attitude and hard work which Brewer has.

Hopeful Potential- Tayshaun Prince/Bruce Bowen without the dirty tricks

SG Randy Foye –age 24
He had a setback this year but he came on once he was healthy. Hopefully he can develop into that scoring SG that can score from the outside or drive it inside that every team needs. Yet another good citizen with a positive attitude.

Hopeful Potential- Kevin Martin who is a better passer

PG Shaun Livingston- age22
I’ll give this guy one more shot. 6’7 point guard with potential like his deserves a shot. If not, I have Foye play PG and put Stuckey at the 2.

Hopeful Potential- who knows let’s just draft Rose.

***Rose is a possible starter here if things go my way. Again let me dream. ;-)

Second unit
Boone backs up C/PF bringing defense and energy
Stuckey backs up PG and SG to bring scoring
Wright backs up the SF

Mihm/Hayes/Duhon should see some garbage minutes or get involved when there is an injury.

First wish starting 5
Rose*** Rose has the potential to be a complete PG. I don’t think he will be a Paul good but who really is?

I think most people would agree that this team has serious potential. Potential being the operative word. Can they realize that potential? Nobody knows but I would love to try. Big gamble but nothing great was accomplished buy not taking a risk. Then again many risks have ended up as utter failures :~( . Again I would love to have the chance to put this team together in real life.
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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby The Thrill » Mon May 19, 2008 3:30 pm

Depth Chart
PG: Raymond Felton, Roger Mason
SG: Stephen Jackson, Cuttino Mobley, Bobby Simmons
SF: Anthony Parker, Bobby Simmons, Stephen Jackson
PF: Kevin Garnett, Leon Powe, Alexander Johnson
C: Jermaine O'Neal, Theo Ratliff, Adonal Foyle

More analysis to come....
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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby Jimboozie » Tue Jun 03, 2008 5:22 am

Memphis Grizzlies
My team is the best.
End thread.
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Re: Defend Your Reshuffle Team

Postby DVauthrin » Sun Jun 15, 2008 8:18 am

Detroit Pistons

PG-Jameer Nelson/Larry Hughes/Aaron Brooks

Analysis: The weakest position in our starting five, the best case scenario for nelson is he plays great D while knocking down open jumpers. Larry Hughes gives us a big guard who can run the team on nights when jameer doesn't have it, and provide scoring punch. Brooks is a young, speedy guard, with a good shot who should grow into at worst a solid backup in the next few seasons if not more...

SG-Kevin Martin/Jerry Stackhouse

Analysis: K-Mart is a young stud, capable of shooting and scoring with the best of em'. He needs to work on his defense and involving his teammates more to take the step from star to superstar. Stackhouse gives us veteran leadership and major scoring punch off the bench. Only question with him is health. Larry hughes can also swing over here if needed...

SF-Marvin Williams/Martell Webster

Analysis: Marvin Williams is a special talent, albeit one yet to put it all together... He is a great athlete, with a deft shooting touch out to about 18 feet... he needs to work on his defense, and consistency in order to be great. Webster is coming into his 3rd season straight out of high school, he provides long range shooting from his 6'7 frame. A nice shooter with upside off the bench.

PF-Luis Scola/Reggie Evans/Etan Thomas

Analysis: Scola may not ever be a star big man, but he is the kind of glue guy championship teams need to win. He is a very smart player who has a nice mid range jump shot and is a good finisher inside. Scola has a high motor at all times and will do whatever it takes to win. Reggie Evans provides tenacious rebounding, energy and defense off our bench. Last but not least, don't forget about Etan Thomas. Prior to a heart condition that sidelined him in 2007-2008, thomas was known as a great rebounder/energy guy in washington. Coming back next year, we think he can be a spark off the bench and add quality frontcourt depth.

C-Greg Oden/Kurt Thomas

Analysis: Oden was considered one of the best big man prospects to come out in years prior to the 2007 draft. Unfortunately, he never saw the floor his rookie year as he underwent microfracture knee surgery. When healthy, Oden is a tremendous defender, with a good variety of post moves, and good shooting touch with either hand.. Backing him up is Kurt Thomas, who is one of the best low post defenders in the league. Kurt also has a nice mid range jumper and is a solid rebounder.


2007-2008 is a lost cause with oden's season ending injury, however the future is bright. This is a young team that I think has the ability to shock the world and get a lower playoff seed in 2008-2009, just like the sixers this season. Yes, it hinges on the development of oden and marvin williams, but I expect both to flourish with maximum playing time. Offensively, we will push the ball as much as possible, trying to take advantage of our youth, but in the halfcourt you will see an offense that involves all 5 starters, depending on where the mismatch is on the floor. Also, we have one of the best benches in the league, with scoring from stackhouse, hughes and webster and interior backups like evans, kurt thomas and etan thomas.

Prediction: worst case: oden/williams/nelson struggle, we find a home in the lottery in 2008-2009
best case: martin embraces the role of team leader and takes his game up a notch, oden and williams and nelson flourish. the bench is very productive, and we eek out the 7th or 8th seed in the east where we bow down in the 1st round.
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