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Team Review

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Team Review

Postby CurryPork » Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:12 am

At the end of the draft, each manager will review his own team.
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Re: Team Review

Postby Lilstinkylynx » Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:54 pm


PG - Deron Williams
SG - Louis Williams
G - Rajon Rondo
SF - Luol Deng
PF - Anthony Randolph
F - Blake Griffin
C - Marcus Camby
C - Andris Biedrins
Utl - Darren Collison
Utl - Greg Oden
Bn - Andrew Bynum
Bn - George Hill
Bn - Ronny Turiaf
Bn - Tyler Hansbrough

Strengths: Reb, Blocks, FG%, Assists
Toss up: Steals, TOs
Punted: Points, Threes, FT%

The Bynum injury really made my Oden pick seems less like good value and more like a detriment to my team int he early going. Match-ups will be really important during the first 6 weeks if I am hoping to make the playoffs.

My SG's are a complete waste of value on my roster since they don't fit the strategy and make-up of my team what so ever. I have no depth for my SF position so I will definitely be moving one of my bigs to shore up my roster.

With that said, looking for a SF and/or SG. Send offers.
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Re: Team Review

Postby Vlade Doddi » Mon Oct 04, 2010 11:48 pm


PG - M. Williams
SG - A. Iguodala
G - A. Miller
SF - L. James
PF - L. Aldridge
F - C. Boozer
C - S. Dalembert
C - R. Hibbert
Util - T. Young
Util - M. Conley
B - R. Sessions
B - A. Johnson
B - T. Gibson
B - R. Brewer

Consistent wins: Assists, Steals, FG%
Occasional wins: Points, Rebounds, Blks, TO's
Rare wins: FT%, 3ptm

The Draft

I got off to a strong start with a dynamic pairing of Lebron and Iggy. Unfortunately, I hadn't really decided on a team direction. Was I going to go small? Big? Something else? Then I took Boozer 3rd round (mostly out of indecision); he seemed like the BPA at the time. All the Boozer pick really did was further my team's lack of an identity (he's a big that contributes well in assists and steals, but not blks). Still no true team focus yet. 4th round came, I needed a PG, Mo-Will was the highest ranked, and I hadn't yet had the realization that 3ptm was dead to me, so I took him. This led to my future pick of Frye (an attempt to compete in 3's). I immediately hated the Frye pick. Some quick projections of the upcoming rounds convinced me that my best course of action was to trade Frye and construct a more classic (if modified) big ball team. So I drafted Hibbert and traded for Sammy-D. I instantly felt better having some classic C's on my team.

I finished out the draft grabbing players that contributed well in my core stats, while ignoring 3ptm and ft%. In the end, I feel I only partially succeeded in creating a team identity. I never really solidified my big stats, but I did manage to maintain my initial strengths in assists, steals, and FG%.

For Success

1) I need to move Mo-Williams for a PG that fits my team better.
2) I need my "Berts" to be all the C they can be this year. Foul trouble from Hibbert and the crowded front court in SAC could limited my C's playing time and sink my ship.
3) I need continued growth from my 4th year players (Conley and Young). Both are guaranteed starters now and look poised for solid years.
4) Finally, I need a band-aid for Boozer. His injury really hurts my rebounding potential, but at least I was able to nab Taj Gibson in the final round of the draft. Hopefully, he can slow the bleeding until Boozer is back.
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Re: Team Review

Postby CurryPork » Tue Oct 05, 2010 3:01 am

PG - Jason Terry
SG - Kevin Martin
G - Marcus Thornton
SF - Kevin Durant
PF - David West
F - Javalee McGee
C - Al Horford
C - Kevin Love
Utl - Jamal Crawford
Utl - Brendan Haywood
Bn - Wesley Johnson
Bn - Serge Ibaka
Bn - Darko Milicic
Bn - Mike Dunleavy Jr.

1st round - Kevin Durant: I lucked out with the overall #1 pick. I've never owned Durant before so this should be fun to build a team around his strong FT%.

2nd round - David West: Ideally, I wanted a stud PG in the 2nd round to compliment Durant's lack of assists and really was hoping Steve Nash or even Billups fell to me. That was not the case, so with the 2nd, I went with David West because I never owned him neither and he seems to fit well with Durant with his consistant game and high FT% + having Chris Paul and better shooters in NO, I expect similar or better numbers for West.

3rd round - Al Horford: I knew I was getting a Center and I was between Al Jefferson and Horford. I think Jefferson will have a better season, but decided with Horford because of his higher FT% and a new coach in Atlanta that emphasizes ball movement, I expect him to score more and improve his numbers from his previous seasons as he had done every year.

4th round - Kevin Love: My team is in need of a PG, and Westbrook is a player I really like but his lack of 3s and high turnover kinda turned me off and I wasn't convinced with Raymond Felton. So at this point, I decided to punt assists and went with a big player in Kevin Love to strengthen my rebounds. He also makes a rare 3 pointer and shoots a decent FT for a big. I expect big things from him, but I'm sure Rambis is going to screw up my plans.

5th round - Kevin Martin: With him and Durant on my team, I'm sure to win FT% most of the time. He also supplements the scoring category that I lacked by selecting Horford and Love. But I know he'll be injured sometime during the season. I considered strongly Anthony Randolph with this pick and maybe should have taken him. Felt a bit of regret after taking Martin. But with him on board, I knew the direction of my team.

6th round - Marcus Thornton: Just adding another scorer and a 3 point shooter to supplement Durant and Kevin Martin. At this point, most of my picks are focused on above average FT, low TO, decent FG and decent 3 pointers. I’m ignoring assists and steals and to a lower extent, points.

7th round – Jason Terry: My starting PG who fits the bill with the stats I wanted for my team. But I sense bust with this pick. Dallas has many choices at SG this year including Caron and I think this is the year that Terry goes downhill. I drafted for need here and kind of regret this pick. But he had always performed above his ADP every year and I hope he has one more year in him.

8th round – Javale McGee: Having picked 3 shooters in a row, I needed to start picking some bigs to shore up rebounds and blocks. He should be the starting center in Washington now, but early camp reports had not been positive. I considered Robin Lopez here.

9th round – Jamal Crawford: I’m excited to have landed this guy in the 9th round. I was debating between him and Terry to fill the vacant PG spot in the 7th round. So having him this late is great. He’s another guard (PG) who shoots 3 and doesn’t give you lots of assists. This is turning to be a great build because my PG’s don’t turn the ball over that much because in reality they are SG. Fantasy-wise seems to be working out.

10th round – Brendan Haywood: Another big for rebounds and blocks. Having Haywood and McGee, it solidifies my team with blocks. They obviously have bad FT% but they’re not volume shooters like Durant and Kev Martin so I’m not too worried about them bringing that category down. I already have Terry and Crawford who are 85% FT shooters as well.

11th round – Wesley Johnson: This is another pick that I regret. I drafted for position eligibility because so far Durant is my only SF. He’s a rookie, so I’m drafting for potential as well. Minnesota is a mess, so if they’re rebuilding might as well start they’re lottery pick here. He’s an older rookie so I expect him to be a more mature player coming into the league but not a good thing if he hangs out with Beasley and Arthur. Anyway, his college stats are amazing and he could be the next Shawn Marion… and hopefully, not the next Travis Outlaw.

12th and 13th round – Serge Ibaka and Darko: Same idea here to fortify blocks and some rebounds. Darko is the perennial bust, but Kahn said he will have C-Webb career so…

14th round – Mike Dunleavy: drafted for his position eligibility: SG-SF and fits my team. I already have too many PF and C and not enough SF. He can be dropped for Eddy CurryPork or any other hot FA.
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Re: Team Review

Postby FireBaller » Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:09 am

Zombie Apocalypse

PG - Chris Paul
SG - OJ Mayo
G - Russell Westbrook
SF - Carmelo Anthony
PF - Rudy Gay
F - Drew Gooden
C - Al Jefferson
C - Chris Kaman
Utl - Ray Allen
Utl - Tony Parker
Bn - Boris Diaw
Bn - Leandro Barbosa
Bn - Jermaine O'Neal
Bn - Francisco Garcia

1st rd - CP3: I also got lucky with the 2nd overall pick. I don't think I've ever owned Paul so hopefully he remains healthy and has a productive season. I actually think he can regain his status as consensus #1 pick if he plays like he did prior to last season.

2nd rd - Melo: I didn't expect him to drop to me at 23 so I had to take him.

3rd rd - Al Jefferson: Had to pick a premier BIG here so I went with him. I was considering him and horford. I think he'll regain his 20/10 status seeing as now he has a great PG in deron. Jefferson is easily a 2nd rounder if he puts up 20/10 like he has done in the past.

4th rd - Gay: Somewhat surprised he was still available at the 47th slot. I like his 1/1.5/1 stats with solid numbers elsewhere. Hopefully he plays with the motivation of becoming an all star this year.

5th rd - Westbrook: I wanted a PG to pair up with CP3 that gave me 8+ assists. I can stomach his turnovers and low fg% because of the H2H format. I think he has lots of upside..........especially considering how he played against the Lakers in the 1st rd last year. He was by far the best player for OKC in the playoffs and to my surprise, he was actually hitting 3s and shooting at a solid %. Of course this can be attributed to Fisher guarding him but here is hoping that he improves this year nonetheless.

6th rd - Mayo: I was going back and forth between OJ and Ray Allen. I wanted an all around contributor that helped me solidify my 3 point shooting. I was also considering Ariza here. Actually I was hoping for a Ariza/Cp3 stls combo but I'm content with OJ.

7th rd - Kaman: I needed another C so I went with Chris. I think he compliments Al Jeff well.

8th rd - Ray Allen: I was surprised he fell this far (95th pick). I was ecstatic with this pick since I was considering him in the 6th. I wanted another player like Mayo who can get me close to 2 threes per game without really hurting me anywhere else.

9th rd - Tony Parker: Wanted one more PG to compliment Cp3 and Westbrook. Parker is in his contract year, seems healthy and motivated. His lack of 3s is disappointing but I like his efficient game (at least fg% wise). Hoping he can get me 6+ assists while improving his ft%. My first choice in Nelson was taken.

10th rd - Gooden: I love owning this guy. I seriously think he is underrated. When given mins (30+), he is easily a 14/9-15/10 guy. His numbers with the Clippers last season were staggering for a PF/C. I am high on him this year given Bogut's injury woes and the fact that he'll be starting. I don't expect the same numbers he put up with LAC but I still expect close to a double double with solid %s. I needed one other C so I went with him.

11th rd - Diaw: I think he compliments my team well with his assists for a big and potential for 1/1/1. Hopefully his ft% improves.

12th rd - Barbosa: I was actually considering taking him in the 11th so I was happy taking him here. I wanted one other guy who is capable of 2+ threes per game. I like his chances with Toronto. He doesn't need significant minutes to be productive, which is a plus.

13th rd - Jermaine O'neal: Wanted to pick a 4th C. I don't expect much from him, especially once Perk returns but as long as he gives me decent rbds and blks. He is just a short term option for me now and I'll always consider dropping him.

14th rd - Garcia: I was considering several guys here but I took a gamble on him considering his 1/1/1 potential with good %s. He just needs the minutes and if he gets them, I can see him finally being a sleeper after all these years. I could've went with boring glue guys but this is the last round, why not take a decent risk?

My strategy for this draft upon selecting Cp3 was to go small but I think I managed to build a balanced team. I like the fact that several of my wing players provide assists to compliment my PGs. I also like the fact that this team offers good %s.

My favourite pick: Ray Allen at 95.

My least favourite pick: Jermaine O'neal

Overall I think my team has a solid chance of making the playoffs and doing some dmg. We shall see........hoping to avoid the perennial injury bug. I think that I got good value with some of my picks.........which is a plus when opting for the balanced strategy.
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Re: Team Review

Postby houstonc » Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:53 am

Bride of David Stern

PG - Chauncey Billups (PG - DEN)
SG - Reggie Williams (GF - GSW)
G - Raymond Felton (PG - NYK)
SF - Nicolas Batum (SF - POR)
PF - Dirk Nowitzki (PF - DAL)
F - Andrei Kirilenko (F - UTA)
C - Troy Murphy (FC - NJ)
C - Andray Blatche (FC - WAS)
Utl - Yao Ming (C - HOU)
Utl - Ben Gordon (SG - DET)
Bn - Josh Childress (GF - PHO)
Bn - Spencer Hawes (C - PHI)
Bn - Martell Webster (GF - MIN)
Bn - Gilbert Arenas (PG - WAS)

Pick 1 - Dirk Nowitzki - Solid. Safe. Boring. Looking back at last season's box scores I don't remember why I always thought this about him, but he always left me wishing I had one of the other top 5 players. Versatile enough to build a team in many directions, so a good start.

Pick 2 - Chauncey Billups - One of the last top flight PGs left on the board, and taking a chance that he will be the de facto leader of the team and bringing his game with a vengeance this season with Carmelo departing. My gamble seems to have backfired since Carmelo is staying in Denver for the time being, muddying the waters on and off the court. I'll still get top AST out of this pick.

Pick 3 - Troy Murphy - The first of my small ball centers, and ironically probably my strongest 3PTM contributor. I've loved Murphy since his breakout double double average season in GS, and drafting him is a weakness of mine. I build small ball teams, and he fits perfectly with them.

Pick 4 - Gilbert Arenas - Mentally injured. Looking like a mistake. If he would relax and play ball, this could return a higher round value. I will count myself lucky if I get equal 4th round value out of him this season.

Pick 5 - Raymond Felton - My second PG, a FG killer for sure but I am really liking his prospects with the reins in NY. He should shore up AST behind Billups nicely.

Pick 6 - Andray Blatche - Dodgy foot #1. He has a better shot at contributing this year than Yao, but it's going to be risky. I really wanted him on one of my teams after the way he finished last year, and now I get to see how that plays out.

Pick 7 - Andrei Kirilenko - This was looking great when the rumors of him heading to Denver to be option #2 to Chauncey Billups were flying around. Now it's looking like another wandering year in Utah. 7th round? Can't complain too much, I'll get 7th round value from him.

Pick 8 - Yao Ming - Dodgy foot #2. Rumors of a hard minute cap for the season are hard to swallow, I really can't see that sticking if he excels. Projections for 24 minutes are still pretty good, and his contributions across the board (FT% in particular for small ball) are still great. Waiting to see how it plays out for an 8th round pick will be hard, I'm impatient.

Pick 9 - Nicolas Batum - Sweet. They say championships are won with the first pick and late in the draft, I am not making any predictions by any means but I think things started to pick up for me here. Batum was a steal at 9 and I am excited to see what he will do owning a starting position from the outset of the season. 3PTM, STL, BLK, FG, FT, and no big TO risk.

Pick 10 - Reggie Williams - Who knows what's going to happen with Reggie now that Nellie is gone? I was kind of counting on Nelson being around so Reggie would get some irrational burn time and settle back into a starting position, but now Reggie might actually need to earn minutes the normal way. Not good news, even though he killed some games last season. Watching with a wary eye, but this might end up being 10th round waiver wire fodder depending on the coaches rotation.

Pick 11 - Ben Gordon - A reach for points, kind of fizzle here since Richard Hamilton seems to have a lock on the SG position for now. Gordon should pin down the 6th man role and mop up every spare point there is to grab, so it shouldn't be too bad, but this could have been chosen less hastily. My team absolutely stinks for points, so I have no idea why I made a move for them at this point in the draft. Too little, too late.

Pick 12 - Josh Childress - Childress pushed me over the top a few years ago and won a league for me with his multi cat contributions, and I am very interested in seeing what he will do coming back to the NBA. He will be fighting for minutes, but in my mind has proven fantasy value. If he gets locked in at a sixth man position, he will be giving me solid stats in several categories.

Pick 13 - Spencer Hawes - What he will be able to contribute is a little shaky. Another small ball center who has proven himself to be streaky, but I think the potential of grabbing a starter with good upside at this point in the draft is a huge steal.

Pick 14 - Martell Webster - I was hoping to get Corey Brewer with my final pick, but I will settle for Webster. He showed his potential in Portland, and now he might get a chance to solidify a 6th man role or even move into a starter position. The lineup is pretty emaciated in Minnesota, and Webster has the talent to take minutes from any of the other players on this team, and turn them into stats for me. This should be a good pick.

Overall - Another year of being good at multiple categories, not dominating any particular category, and stinking at several :) Terrible at the big man categories such as FG, blocks, and rebounds. AST and STL should be cozy from week to week. I started out with a clear FT% goal in mind, but lost it in the mid rounds and am no longer competitive in the FT% category. It will be up to the whims of weekly matchups and waiver wire skimming to fill the holes and needs of my team and round out as the season evolves... which is how I always progress through the season. I think Gordon and Williams are lowest on the totem pole at this point and will go first if something pops up on the wire, and my riskiest picks in this draft were definitely Arenas and Yao. They will contribute, but it will be interesting to come back mid season or end of season to see how their value stacks up against draft position.
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Re: Team Review

Postby DVauthrin » Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:01 am

The Red Rowdies

PG -Jameer Nelson
SG - Kobe Bryant
G - Manu Ginobili
SF - Paul Pierce
PF -Kevin Garnett
F - Robin Lopez
C - Brook Lopez
C - Tim Duncan
Utl- Andrew Bogut
Utl-J.R. Smith
Bn -Tiago Splitter
Bn -Jarrett Jack
Bn -Terrence Williams
Bn -Shaun Livingston

Round 1: Kobe Bryant. The plan with the 11th pick was to take the best available player, then Kal and I swapped 1st round picks. I like Kobe's consistency, and durability in the first round. He also works well in many different categories(points, threes, assists, steals, the percentages, boards) allowing for a lot of flexibility in team construction.

Round 2: Brook Lopez. After getting Kobe in round 1, I was thrilled to get Brook in round 2. His blocks, boards, percentages and points play very well with Kobe.

Round 3: Manu Ginobili. Another no brainer for me in the third round. At this point, we are great in points, threes, steals, and free throw percentage while having flexibility in every other category.

Round 4: Tim Duncan. In my mind, he was the BPA at the 6th pick of the 4th round. Because of our outstanding free throw percentage base, Duncan was a nice fit for his boards, points, blocks, field goal percentage, and assists from a center. At this point, I'm thrilled with my draft

Round 5: Paul Pierce. I couldn't believe my eyes when Pierce was available with pick 59. He was another easy selection for me, adding to our great free throw percentage, points, threes, and steals.

Round 6: Kevin Garnett. KG posted top 40 value on a bad wheel last year, and he's fully healthy coming to this season. Thrilled to get his efficient, all around game at pick 62.

Round 7: Andrew Bogut. If he hadn't suffered a gruesome injury at the end of last season, he wouldn't have been available at pick 83. With high volume free throw shooters on my roster(Kobe, Lopez, Pierce, Manu), I could still be strong in free throw percentage and get bogut's points, boards, field goal percentage, and blocks. Right now, it appears he will be ready to go to start the year.

Round 8: Jameer Nelson. At this point, I needed a point guard, and Nelson's points, threes, assists, and percentages were desirable for my squad.

Round 9: Robin Lopez. I love Lopez this year, and expect him to post top 100 value. For this team, I liked his low turnovers, boards, and field goal percentage values. His field goal percentage set up my next pick.

Round 10: J.R. Smith. Don't love J.R. in fantasy, but I needed one more elite threes and steals guy. After taking Lopez with the pick before, I could stomach his field goal percentage.

Round 11: Jarrett Jack. I needed a backup for Nelson, and Jack's efficiency fits my team well. He very well may end up starting over J.R. Smith for my team.

Round 12: Tiago Splitter. Loved his upside more than anyone remaining in the draft. I expect similar numbers to Luis Scola's rookie year, and he also has the added benefit of being a handcuff for Duncan.

Round 13. Terrence Williams. At this point in the draft, I was focused on high upside gambles. There are plenty of minutes for him and Morrow to share in New Jersey, and right now it appears he may have the inside track on the starting position.

Round 14: Shaun Livingston. I decided to take a speculative gamble that Livingston wins the point guard competition in Charlotte. Even if he loses the battle, Charlotte is one of the thinnest teams in the NBA. Therefore, minutes will be available to him. If it doesn't work out, I can always cut him. I considered Okur here, but his injury made me go a different direction.

In conclusion, I built a very well rounded team that can beat teams of different styles. I expect this team to make the playoffs and contend to win the league.

Strengths: Points, Boards, Field Goal Percentage, Threes
Middle of the road(able to win depending on the matchup): Assists, Blocks, Steals, Free Throw Percentage, and Turnovers
Punted: None
Punted: None
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Re: Team Review

Postby Dm042447 » Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:09 am

PG - Dwyane Wade
SG - Brandon Roy
G - Baron Davis
SF - Danilo Gallinari
PF - Rashard Lewis
F - Derrick Favor
C -Chris Bosh
C -Emeka Okafor
Utl- Eric Gordon
Utl- Carl Landry
Bn -Jason Thompson
Bn -Ersan Ilyasova
Bn -Raja Bell

My 1st draft pick was Dwayne Wade. It wasnt my top choice. If you have 3 superstar in a team, there is no way he will produce that same stats as last year. With Yahoo ranking and other research, he was the top choice for #5. One year fantasy NBA hiatus will make you indecisive. Again, my thought was to build all round team with no flaw. Yeah... like that's gonna happen.
I usually draft center as my #2 or #3 draft pick because of the lack of decent productive center. With Howard, Josh Smith and Stoudamire gone,
Bosh was the only obvious choice. Since both my 2 draft picks doesnt provide me any solid direction on where to proceed, I decided
to follow that strategy in getting another jack of trade like Wade; hence Brandon Roy. I was never crazy about Roy due to health reason.
He is the type of player that can't hurt you statistically when he is playing, but he has a history of missing more game than he should.
After this pick, I decided to make a spreadsheet and find out my weakest category. My weakest category was Bk, 3Pt, Stl and TO. I have to make a decision. With Zach Randolph taken right before me. I decided to go with 3Pts and low TO as my 4th draft pick. There are handful of guys that I was considering such as Danilo, Rachard Lewis, jamison, Pierce, Aaron Brooks or Ray Allen. My thought was Danilo has the most upside and does compliment D'antony style of coaching. Stoudamire will spread the floor for him and Felton should pass the ball better than Duhon.
My 5th draft was Baron Davis. He is another jack of all trade like Wade and Roy. I was surprise that he was still around. The only hesitation I have with Davis was his FG and TO. With new coach, I expect him to do better than last year. With this draft, I am back to square one where I have no strong category.
With my #6 pick, I really wanted Jamison or Aaron Brooks, but it was taken way before me. I decided to target 3Pt and low TO and tank Bk.
My 4 choice was Jamal Crawford, Ray Allen, Jason Terryor Rachard Lewis. Since I needed PF or Center, Rachard Lewis was the perfect choice at #6.
My next draft is about position than stats. I thought Emeka Okafor was the best undrafted center. Emeka has low FT, but he doesnt go to the stripe enough to hurt me that much. Plus, most of my draft are in the high 70's for FT. This is probably my worst pick if Bogut or Yao Ming gets better or if Elton Brand start producing. Big if.
At #8, I chose Eric Gordon because of the 3PT, Minutes on the floor and few other minor stats. I am not sure why I got Carl Landry as my #9. He is not a bad pick, but not a great one either and there was few better choice.
Anything past 9th round to me is pretty much players that you don't want, but have no other better choice. Plus the indecision is causing my head to spin. Drafting a high draft pick rookie will solve that problem such as Evan Turner as my #10 and Derrick Favors as my #11. I do think Evan Turner will be give me solid stats (Mini Iggie). Derrick Favors will probably give me high RB and FG, but low in everything else.
After my 11th pick, I compiled a quick list and hand off to CurryPork for him to draft for me. I came back from vacation and got myself 3 decent picks.

Strength: 3PT
Above Average: RB
Average: Pt, FG, FT, ST
Below Average: TO,
Weakness: Bks

TRADE: I need PG and I would like to trade away a SG or SF/PF.
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Re: Team Review

Postby realsniper09 » Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:56 am

Red Bull

PG - Steve Nash (2.05)
SG - Monta Ellis (3.08)
G - Hedo Turkuglu (7.08)
SF - Caron Butler (6.05)
PF - Antawn Jamison (5.08)
F - Lamar Odom (8.05)
C - Pau Gasol (1.08)
C - Nene Hilario (4.05)
Utl- Jose Calderon (9.08)
Utl- JJ Hickson (10.05)
Bn - Shawn Marion (11.08)
Bn - Luke Ridnour (12.05)
Bn - DeMar DeRozan (13.08)
Bn - Richard Jefferson (14.05)

At the end of the day, it turned out to be an 'even' strategy. Found the 8th pick a very hard spot to from, especially in regards to my 1st round pick. Went with Gasol because of his versatility, but it's not a strategy I'm used to, and I think it showed out in the end. After Gasol, I just found it hard to build.
Nash next. I wanted to capitalize on Pau's strength on assists being a big man so went with a PG with good %s to try to complement Gasol. At this stage, and after that pick, I maybe realized I was going for too many categories. What was a real weakness? Probably only steals, and maybe points. In hindsight, maybe it would've been better to go with a big man as Brook Lopez was available. At that time, I wasn't sure how to build around two big men. Put it in the bank for next time.
To compensate for the lack of steals and points, I went for Monta Ellis. At this stage, I could have dumped steals and points, but it would have been too hard to sacrifice those two categories without harming a category like assists or steals. The rest of my selections were done to bump up what categories I felt were weak. Nene to solidify my FG%, Jamison for rebounds, 3s, %s. The shooting guards for the general guard categories, and so on.
Overall, I'm not sure about this team. Not too confident at all. Would go for a different direction if I drafted again. I don't think my mind round selections were too smart, and none of my picks shouted value or someone who would drastically outperform their ADP. However, let's see how this team goes. It"s a long season.
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Re: Team Review

Postby wildcat62 » Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:07 pm

Wildcat Pride 2010
PG - Stephen Curry - (PG-GS)
SG - Joe Johnson - (SG,SF-Atl)
G - Brandon Jennings (PG-Mil)
SF - Vince Carter (SG,SF-Orl)
PF - Michael Beasley (PF-Min)
F - Al Harrington (PF,C-Den)
C - David Lee - (PF,C-GS)
C - Zach Randolph (PF,C-Mem)
Utl- John Wall (PG-Wash)
Utl- Rodney Stuckey (PG,SG-Det)
Bn - Richard Hamilton (SG,SF-Det)
Bn - Wilson Chandler (SF,PF-NY)
Bn - Travis Outlaw (SF,PF-NJ)
Bn - Brad Miller (C-Hou.)

I wanted to draft a small ball team again this year, with point guards & centers being priorities in 1st couple of rounds.

1.6 - Steven Curry, and I'm off to a good start. I thought about Deron.
2.7 - David Lee, Warrior games/boxscores should be fun :-D to watch even without Nelson.
3.6 - Joe Johnson, in the 3rd round is fine by me.
4.7 - Zach Randolph, Had him last year. Him & Lee will be monster rebounders hopefully. :-L
5.6 - John Wall, Being a HUGE Wildcat fan had to reach here. Great player that will get plenty of floor time.
6.7 - Brandon Jennings, Hopefully the FG% will improve but probally not.
7.6 - Al Harrington, Another center that will fit in small ball. Might be good without Kenyon Martin or Carmelo.
8.7 - Vince Carter, Should have taken Jamal Crawford but Vince had him on Rbs & Ast.
9.6 - Rodney Stuckey, Another starting point guard that gets good PPG, Stl & Ast.
10.7 - Michael Beasley, I wanted Beno Udrih here but waited too long. Beasley might pan out after all though.
11.6 - Rip Hamilton, I wanted Gooden or maybe Diaw here but ditto. Rip can still score with decent ast. last year.
12.7 - Wilson Chandler, Highest PPG left. Wanted Luke Ridnour and should have taken Leandro Barbosa.
13.6 - Travis Outlaw, Instant regret & have already dropped him for Tayshaun. Just what I need another Piston. !+)
14.7 - Brad Miller, Need another center and still need one after this pick. Yao's limited mins. should help. Hopefully Dampier will sign somewhere else.

------Open to trades--- Make a offer--- Open to trades--- Make a offer--- Open to trades---Make a offer---

I need to win some of those close weeks. Make a couple of good pickups thru the year and stay healthy as we all do. Just try to make the playoffs and hope for the best. I just don't see it though.
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