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Team Review 2012-2013

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Team Review 2012-2013

Postby CurryPork » Sat Oct 27, 2012 9:03 am

Traditionally, in the zombie league we post a review of our team at the end of each draft. This year is no exception... let's do this...
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Re: Team Review 2012-2013

Postby wildcat62 » Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:18 pm

Celtic Pride 2012-2013

PG - Chris Paul (PG-LAC) rd-1.3
SG - Mo Williams (PG,SG-UTAH) rd-7.3
G - Brandon Jennings (PG-MIL) rd-3.3
SF - Paul Pierce (SF-BOS) rd-4.10
PF - Glen Davis (C,PF)-ORL) rd-9.3
F - Luol Deng (SF-CHI) rd-6.10
C - DeMarcus Cousins (C,PF-SAC)) rd-2.10
C - Tristan Thompson (C,PF-CLEV) rd-11.3
Utl - Brandon Knight (PG,SG-DET) rd-8.10
Utl - Rodney Stuckey (PG,SG-DET) rd-10.10

Bn - Jason Thompson (C,PF-SAC) rd-14.10
Bn - Jeff Green (SF,PF-BOS) rd-13.3
Bn - Chauncey Billups (PG,SG-LAC) rd-12.10
Bn - Amare Stoudemire (C,PF-NY) rd-5.3

Rd. 1- I thought I was going to get Lebron by default. But it was not to be. Almost took Kevin Love, but went with Chris Paul. Really glad I went this way after the injury news broke on
Love. What's not to like. Point guard & Center are the foundations on most teams. IMO

Rd. 2- I got my center and am elated with Cousins. He will have a monster year, barring injury

Rd. 3- Really thought long & hard about taking S. Curry here but was scared off by injury concerns. After taking Jennings, instantly started regretting skipping Curry, then news broke on
his latest mishap. As of now I'm happy with Jennings. He & Monta should have all the shots they want this year. I really like both players to have great seasons. But the Bucks won't.

Rd. 4- Started to take another center but I chose Paul Pierce as I'm leaning towards a small ball team at this point. Stat stuffer at the forward position with high assist count,
great FT% w/ volume & plenty of 3's. Hope he keeps it up.

Rd. 5- Sniped on Monta by Kobeshow by 1 pick. Setting there dazed & confused I chose Amare Stoudemire. Who I really thought/think would have a bounce back year. This pick should
solidify my center position. At least I thought that at the time. Now he is injured & I'm worried. Should have picked Klay thompson.

Rd. 6- Having got my 2 starting centers & 2 good guards I wanted/needed to go back to the forward position. Still wanting small ball stats I chose Deng here thinking he will be huge with
Rose out of service. I'm trying to keep up my scoring and this pick should continue to help.

Rd. 7- Mo Williams should fit right into this team. Scoring, FT%, 3's, Ast. & Stls are what I'm after.

Rd. 8- Brandon Knight is more of the same. And should be even better as he gains experience.

Rd.9- Really wanted Beasley here but got sniped by Puck. So I went with another center/power forward. -Glen Davis- He should shoulder a lot of the Magic scoring load this season. Pts. & Reb. will
be his stromng suit. IMO Not sure about his %'s.

Rd.10- Pleased with getting Stuckey here to team up with Knight. Also strongly considered Bradley Beal but had to take Stuckey over the rookie. Probally will regret that choice.

Rd.11- At this point in the draft I'm looking for upside. And with Amare's injury news starting to surface, I took Tristan Thompson who is another player who should take another step in
his 2nd year. Concerned about his FT% Hoping his volume won't drag down my other players.

Rd.12- Was watching Calderon & Jack hoping they would continue to slip but they didn't. Took a chance & chose Billups. News reports are saying he is feeling good. I hope he isn't
out much longer. His stats further my teams strong suits. I hope he has some gas left in the tank.

Rd.13- I watched several of Boston's preseason's games & Jeff Green has played well. Should be a great handcuff to Pierce & Doc Rivers loves him.

Rd.14- Jason Thompson should get lots of playing time and is Amare insurance for now. I'd like to have another guard but the waiver wire is full of them & not a lot of starters left.

Strengths- Scoring, 3's, FT%, Ast. & Stls. At least that's what I was shooting for. I'm concerned about some of their FT% but hopefully my stars will overcome the bench guys.

Weakness- Blk. (I have none), FG% (Too many chuckers), TO's (PG's & ballhandlers) & REB (I'm hoping I'm better in this than i originally thought)

Not a strong team at all but should compete every week & squeek out a lot of 5 to 4 wins. At least I hope so.
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Re: Team Review 2012-2013

Postby houstonc » Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:21 am

Round 1 - LaMarcus Alridge - Debatably first round material, he should probably be second round and only gets first round consideration on this season's potential on Portland. With that said, the midround picks are always the toughest to get right since the sure shots are gone and the players with baggage and/or drawbacks start popping up. LMA seemed like the safest, good %'s PTS REB and gives a STL/BLK now and then. Good place to start, and I like the possibility that he might get better.

Round 2 - Kobe Bryant - I don't trust that he will produce at the high levels we've seen in the past, or contribute for the entire season without injury/rest. FG% killer, but he has the potential to contribute reasonably across enough cats to make up for it. We'll see if he was worth passing up some of the players that were still available at this point. He is always fun to have on your team for the nights he goes off, so I am looking forward to a season of random big nights from Kobe - just hope they come during weeks I need them.

Round 3 - Marc Gasol - Solid center. I keep waiting for those PPG averages to go up every year, but maybe this is as good as it will get. Great blocks, good contributor to STL as a C, and good REB. I always liked his percentages as well, solid second C.

Round 4 - Brook Lopez - Another C with good FT%, reasonable blocks and PPG, not the greatest REB as has been shown in the past. Sticking to a strong FT% team that can make up for Kobe's FG% so far, good blocks and REB and strong points. Draft is going well at this point.

Round 5 - Klay Thompson - I wanted Klay from the start, and reached for him in each league I'm in. Capable of top round numbers, and I think he will put it together this year. I have to trust this pick, although he is weak in the REB cat. Another 3PTM contributor, a cat I have ignored with the exception of Kobe.

Round 6 - Isaiah Thomas - I needed a PG badly, and I thought Thomas was a lock to start for the Kings and pick up right where he left off last year, and would be a steal at round 6. Then the preseason drama began, and everything is still up in the air. The coach won't show his cards and get behind Thomas or Brooks, and it looks like a timeshare between the two regardless of who starts. Potentially good player, shitty situation. This ended up being a bad pick.

Round 7 - Danilo Gallinari - I see no reason to expect anything different from Gallinari this season (including his crappy FG%). He's useful in chipping in across the board, so this was a safe pick if anything.

Round 8 - Gordon Hayward - Another safe pick, I'm more interested in seeing if he continues growing this year. If so, he could be one of those mid-draft picks that helps push a team over the top. If he stays the course, he won't hurt me.

Round 9 - Chris Kaman - Turned my attention back to REB and BLK here, and tried to keep my FT% high. Kaman seemed like the logical choice, and he's already gone and put his health into question. High risk for medium returns, I probably should have been looking for my second PG...

Round 10 - Omer Asik - But instead I started thinking "there's only a few rounds left, and the PGs suck at this point, so screw it - I'm just going to ditch AST!". An I just started grabbing players to boost my F/C cats. Omer Asik should be interesting this year, too bad about those free throws since I had been so careful to this point. I hope he doesn't take too many trips to the line this year.

Round 11 - Jonas Valanciunas - I was able to grab him right around the time he was able to start playing in the preseason, and although he is a little rough around the edges he should have plenty of room to grow in Toronto. I love the sleeper picks and he should be one of the more exciting ones to watch this year. I'm glad I was able to get him, and it's likely he was a steal at 11.

Round 12 - Devin Harris - I made this pick out of necessity, I couldn't play the season with a single PG and waste the roster spot. Contributions to 3PTM and STL, and there is a small chance he could see an overall improvement in numbers as the starteer this year, although I am not hoping for a return to numbers we saw in previous years by any means.

Round 13 - Steve Novak - I was targeting Novak from round 10 once I made my decision to ditch AST, and needed Novak to ensure I could lock down 3PTM. I just kept putting it off. I'm surprised he fell to 13, his 3's are ridiculous. I guess he doesn't do anything else though so you're almost blowing a roster spot on a single cat :)

Round 14 - Nikola Vucevic - Another F/C in case one of the others goes down or doesn't pan out. I'm also a sucker for the sleepers, so I want to see how this guys develops. Can't hurt to drop a last round flyer on him, and if he's able to keep things rolling when Ayon returns I'll let him stay.

Final assessment - I never ditched a cat before, and I didn't plan to do it when the draft started. This is probably going to kill me, and I have probably built a team that is reasonably competitive in 5 cats instead of being dominant in at least 4 and competitive in 2 or 3 more. Unless Asik and Vucevic take a high number of FTA, I should be competitive in FT%, I like my FG% as well. 3PTM looks very solid. I didn't get a top tier rebounder, so this will hurt my strategy to ditch AST greatly - none of my rebounders excel in this category, most are average rebounders for their position assignments/rounds picked. Steals are flat out weak. Turnovers suck. Blocks might turn out ok, but I will not beat a team who has a specialist. PPG should be ok, I will have a few top tier scorers on my squad and a few players who have an opportunity to grow into higher scoring roles this year. And I ditched AST, of course.

I think I will make the playoffs, but will not do much else this year unless I get more REB, STL or BLK.
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Re: Team Review 2012-2013

Postby Harktheclark » Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:05 am

PG - Mike Colney (3.10)
SG - Paul George (4.03)
G - Darren Collison (8.03)
SF - Wesley Matthews (5.10)
PF - Josh Smith (1.10)
F - Carlos Boozer (7.10)
C - Pau Gasol (2.03)
C - Tyson Chandler (6.03)
Util - Thaddeus Young (9.10)
Util - Elton Brand (10.03)
BN - Andrew Bogut (11.10)
BN - Courtney Lee (12.03)
BN - Luke RIdnour (13.10)
BN - Jae Crowder (14.03)

Rd 1 (Josh Smith)- I didn't make this pick. At 10, I probably would have gone Irving or Dirk (glad I didn't do that). I do like Smith on this team, he provides a lot of help in multiple cats. It will be interesting to see how he does this year, because while he doesn't have to compete with Johnson for touches, a healthy Horford could change his value some this year.

Rd. 2 (Pau Gasol)- Again, I didn't make this pick, but I love it. Also again, I probably would have picked Dirk (glad that wasn't my decision to make). But Gasol here is great. I think he could flourish in LA this year. Even though he isn't as dominant as Howard, he's more used to the system they run, he's more reliable, and he is certainly the better basketball player. Howard also has a tendency to shrink in crunch time. Gasol is always a solid pickup

Rd. 3 (Mike Conley, Jr.)- Finally, picks I made! I liked Conley, he brings strong AST and STL numbers, and I think he will continue to develop. If Z-Bo continues to struggle, Conley could step up his point output. Memphis has no shooters and they could use some extra 3's from him with Mayo absent now

Rd. 4 (Paul George)- Focusing again on STL, but this guy does a lot of other things decently. He isn't deficient in many areas, and when he is, it isn't by much. Vogel has said he wants to incorporate him more in the offense, which could cause his stats on offense to go up. If this happens, he is an absolute steal here.

Rd. 5 (Wesley Matthews)- Another guard who is strong in STL and 3's, another guy who is still developing, another guy who could see his role in the offense go up. He had an extremely strong finish to the season last year, I'm hoping he will carry it over.

Rd. 6 (Tyson Chandler)- Helps offset some of the hits I took on FG% with Conley and Matthews. An excellent source of BLK and REB as well.

Rd. 7 (Carlos Boozer)- Another kind of pick I made on good faith. He's a guy I usually don't like, but if the Bulls are going to have any kind of success this year, he's going to have to essentially become a 19-20 ppg kind of guy, minimum. He could see a slight uptick in assists if teams choose to double him, as I like his hands around the basket. Since Rose is going to be out for a LONG time, I am banking on him stepping up his game.

Rd. 8 (Darren Collison)- He's in a new situation, where his athleticism and speed will be warmly received. Dallas is very weak at the backup spot, so he should get plenty of minutes. He has a bevy of offensive weapons around him, far more than he has ever had.

Rd. 9 (Thaddeus Young)- He's going to start the season at PF, and perhaps he can hold onto the position when Bynum comes back. He doesn't turn the ball over, and shoots good %'s.

Rd 10 (Elton Brand)- Very similar to Darren Collison. He will see a ton of minutes until Dirk and Kaman come back, and even when they both do, he should see at least as many minutes as he did in Philly last year, when he produced top 50 value. Had to take him here.

Rd. 11 (Andrew Bogut)- I didn't necessarily want to do this, but I just felt him calling me. Again, another high risk/high reward pick. He can be a behemoth when he is healthy, and I like his situation in Golden State.

Rd. 12 (Courtney Lee)- He has been playing well in Boston, and should see a lot of time until Avery gets back, and he could be a mainstay in the starting lineup if he has developed good chemistry there.

Rd. 13 (Luke RIdnour)- Wanted to get another PG, he's a solid all-around player who will get a lot of run while Rubio is on the mend. Again, if Rubio has some problems getting used to the new players, he could still see a lot of minutes

Rd. 14 (Jae Crowder)- I wanted to lock this guy up with my last pick. He has been a beast in the preseason. As long as he carries his intensity and hustle over into the regular season, he should see at least decent minutes, and he doesn't need a ton of minutes to provide good value.

Overall, I might have like to take another top-tier PG. I am strong in BLK, STL, REB, FG%, and TO. I need some help in AST, PTS, and FT%. I have effectively given up on 3's. Obviously tweaking needs to happen, and things will change over the course of the year. I guess to sum it up I will say I took a lot of players whose roles on their respective teams are such that I could see great return given their draft position. If they prove me right, I will do very well in this league. If they fail to meet expectations, I will have a hard time being competitive the way I'd like to be.
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Re: Team Review 2012-2013

Postby cnote23 » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:24 am

G -Jameer Nelson
SG - Arron Afflalo
G - Trevor Ariza
SF -Danny Granger
PF -Gerald Wallace
F -David-Lee
C -Andrew- Byum
C -Dwight Howard
Utl -Joakim Noah
Utl -Luis Scola
Bn -Jose Calderon
Bn -Hedo
Bn - Kemba Walker
Bn -CaMby

The good : with Bynum,D-12, Noah,and Lee makes my team a very strong team for big man cats.
The Bad: Having Bynum on my team is a risk judging from his state of his health.
The ugly: Iwaited too long for guards so I am weak in the guards side of things.

Bottom Line my team looks very good in FG%,Boards, and blocks Solid in points 3's and steals. I will be weak in ast and ft% Overall I have a team I do feel will make the playoffs but I will have to rely on bynum to stay healthy to go further.
Happy Holidays !!!!
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Re: Team Review 2012-2013

Postby CurryPork » Wed Oct 31, 2012 8:38 am

PG - Kyrie Irving (PG - CLE)
SG - Kevin Martin (SG - HOU)
G - Ty Lawson (PG - DEN)
SF - JR Smith (GF - NYK)
PF - Anthony Davis (PF - NO)
F - Ryan Anderson (PC - NO)
C - DeAndre Jordan (FC - LAC)
C - Javalee McGee (C - DEN)
Utl - Kyle Lowry (PG - TOR)
Utl - Greivis Vasquez (G - NOR)
Bn - Brandon Roy (GF - MIN)
Bn - DeMar DeRozan (GF - TOR)
Bn - Danny Green (GF - SAS)
Bn - Kevin Seraphin (FC - WAS)

ROUND 1 - 2
I don't like picking so late in the first round, but I do like picking back to back. Picking 2 studs PG Kyrie Irving and Ty Lawson back to back will give me good small ball stats. They both have similar stats and great percentage for point guards.

ROUND 3 - 4
I was looking for a Center to pair up with my PGs and was looking for Gortat, but since he was gone, I went with another PG in Kyle Lowry. Kinda crazy but now I can secure the assist category. Anthony Davis is a reach but I know he wouldn't come back to me, so I made the pick. I wanted the unibrow because of the blocks. I needed to start building some big men categories.

ROUND 5 - 6
Ryan Anderson at 5. I thought about him at 4 so I'm glad he fell so low. I needed a 3 point specialist. Javalee Mcgee at 6 might be a mistake because he lowers my FT but with him on board and unibrow, my team is competitve in the blocks categories.

ROUND 7 - 8
Kev Martin and JR Smith. More 3 pointers and drafted by position. It's so late in the draft and I still dind't have a SF or a SG. So both guys filled my needs.

ROUND 9 - 10
Greivis Vasquez is drafted so my team can be Pork with greivis. DeAndre Jordan might be a mistake... his FT is horrendous and he can single handledly sink this category for me.

ROUND 11 - 12
Brandon Roy is a risk and reward guy. He can be dropped if he doesn't perform. DeMar DeRozan... meh...

ROUND 13 - 14
Danny Green... not sure. Seraphin, first guy to go.

OVERALL: this team is ugly on paper.
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Re: Team Review 2012-2013

Postby FireBaller » Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:39 pm

The Walking Dead

PG - Monta Ellis
SG - Andre Iguodala
G - Lou Williams
SF - Lebron James
PF - Kenneth Faried
F - Carmelo Anthony
C - Al Horford
C - Nikola Pekovic
Utl - Andrei Kirilenko
Utl - Derrick Favors
Bn - George Hill
Bn - Spencer Hawes
Bn - Alonzo Gee
Bn - Carlos Delfino

1st rd: Lebron James - No brainer

2nd rd: Carmelo Anthony - wanted to grab horford here but took a gamble and went with melo thinking that horford will return back to me. I really hope he takes control of the Knicks now that Amare is becoming an afterthought. He looked fantastic for TEAM USA.

3rd rd: Al Horford - wanted him in the 2nd so was ecstatic taking him here. With JJ now on the nets, really hoping he takes his flawless game to the next level.

4rd rd: Andre Iguodala - was happy taking him here as I believe he compliments lebron well. Hoping he can improve to his early sixer days and maintain a better ft%. Kind of worried about his %s due his poor performance during the pre-season.

5th rd: Monta Ellis - needed a PG and I was happy taking him here. Was surprised that he made it back to me. Hoping he can improve his 3pt+stl combo to where it was at its peak during his tenure with Gstate.

6th rd: Kenneth Faried - I decided that I wanted young players with upside and I went with Faried. Love his game as I watched him in the playoffs. Can possibly be a stat stuffer if his coach unleashes him.

7th rd: Nikola Pekovic - huge sleeper candidate and coming into this season, looks to be in phenomenal shape. Hoping he compliments the likes of Horford well.

8th rd: Andrei Kirilenko - was targeting him and glad I got him. Hoping he can thrive in Minny after what was a fantastic off shore year for him. Only thing holding him back are injuries as usual.

9th rd: Lou Williams - was excited with this pick. Can be another break out candidate. I just hope Harris doesn't cut into his minutes. I really love him on ATL.

10th rd: Derrick Favors - was targeting him in the 9th so gladly took him here. Utah's stacked front court is kind of holding him back so hoping they trade one of their bigs to shore up minutes for Favors.

11th rd: George Hill - took him to compliment my other pgs. Kind of concerned about his nagging hip injury. Hopefully he keeps his minutes.

12th rd: Spencer Hawes - always had my eye on him and I think he fits well in Philly even next to Bynum. If he can't start, I hope he can be valuable off the bench. Perhaps a poor man's K-Love.

13th rd: Alonzo Gee - liked him last year towards the end of the season. I wanted to go with Waiters here but took him especially seeing as he was the starting SF in CLE.

14th rd: Carlos Delfino - I really like him on this HOU team off the bench.

Strong Cats: Pts, blks, stls, rbds

Rest of the cats = middle of the pack/toss up.

I feel like that I always draft well and my team initially always looks good on paper but then injuries happen and bad luck overshadows my team. I feel like if everything goes according to expectations, my team can not only make the playoffs but compete for the league title.

In addition, this team probably looks better in roto as I guess it is a balanced approach so we will see how I fare down the line.
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Re: Team Review 2012-2013

Postby puckkeith » Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:41 pm

Team Review for the eventual zombie league champions Puck's Back -

My goal was to go guard crazy....I think my goal was met.

PG - Rajon Rondo
SG - Eric Gordon
G - John Wall
SF - Kevin Durant
PF - Michael Beasley
F - Evan Turner
C - Emeka Okafor
C - Zach Randolph
Utl - Tyreke Evans
Utl - OJ Mayo
Bn - Bradley Beal
Bn - Andray Blatche
Bn - Andre Drummond
Bn - Chase Budinger

Was very luck to get the first pick...Had to go KD, looking back, the way I drafted LeBron would have been the better pick. I was worry about LeBum getting injured this year...He is already cramping up in the 4th quarter.

PG's - Rondo, Wall, Beal - Wanted scoring assists and steals out of my guards. 3's would be nice, but figured I would go chuckers with my SG's, so to balance...Wall and Rondo to help salvage my FG%.

SG's - Eric IR Gordon, Mayo, Evans, Beal - Scoring, scoring, scoring...with some steals and assists mixed in. Should get steady scoring production with good not great assist numbers. Should get enough steals to lock up what I have going already with Rondo and Wall. Loss of Gordon will hurt, but I should be able to recover.

SF - Durant, Turner, Beasley, Budinger, Evans - Scoring, rebounds, assists, 3's w/ some steals mixed in...SG/SF is where this team will excel. We follow Kevins lead and really just try to highlight his strenghts. FG% might be a issue..but hoping Durant, Rondo can help us against the weaker teams. FT% should be a strong cat as well with KD being my anchor.

PF - ZBo, Beasley, Blatche, Drummond - Zach and Bease should provide the scoring needed to compliment KD. Was hoping Blatche and Drummond can help out on steals and assists..but not sure I have enough to complete on blocks against a big team.

C - Okafor, Randolph, Blatche, Drummond (hope gets C) - Really just wanted blocks and rebound out of this position. Not looking for scoring, just the goodies. I have a couple free agent ideas if some of these guys dont pan out.

Overall I think my draft strategy was effective. I got the players I was targeting. Now we will see if the strategy pays off.

Small ball for me this year guys..!!!

Strong cats - FT%, 3's, Pts, Steals, Blocks, Assists

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