How to Win at DraftKings NBA

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DraftKings NBA Strategy Tips

Like the NFL, successful daily fantasy sports players benefit from research. It is the one common thread that is the same no matter what sport you’re playing. However, hitting winners in NBA contests may benefit the most from solid research. Here are some reasons why this is true. Just like baseball and football daily fantasy lineups, NBA DFS choices must include low-budget sleepers. Getting players who project for high point production revolves around high pace games with the potential for a lot of points. Here are couple additional tips to give you an edge when setting your daily NBA lineups. You can read more about our NBA betting strategy picks in our other article.

Low-Budget Sleepers

The lower cost players who may have high point ceilings in other sports are important. But, this same idea when applied to your NBA DFS lineups can balloon your final point total. One reason for this is the fact, when you save on a sleeper, you can add multiple high-point producers.

Study the Game Line

In football and baseball, watching the over and under numbers can help you make final decisions between one or more players at any given position. Watching the projected final point total for NBA games can give you strategic insight into putting together an NBA stack.  Sure, pairing up a quarterback and wide receiver in football is the classic stack strategy. However, when you find an NBA game with a projected high rate of game pace and consequently a projected high point total, you can often uncover a pair of high point players from the same team.

Look for Value

There are invariably one or two stars who you almost have to try to include in a roster to have any chance at winning. The idea is to use a value system to get the most for your higher priced players. Settle on at least a couple sites that over game projections for NBA players.  Look for oddities for each day’s schedule of games. Seek out situations where player projections are dramatically high for their salary. For instance, a player with a 5x tag is projected to post five times his salary value in fantasy po ints. These out-of-the-ordinary situations are a great way to push your lineup into a winner.

Team Defense vs. Certain Positions

Another frequently used tool of the DFS experts are defense vs. position rankings. Statistics are said to never lie. Some teams, obviously because of the players they have on their roster, defend certain positions better than others.  Settle in on a couple of options to review individual player projections for each game, then compare those numbers with statistics for team defensive performance against that player’s position. When you blend your value judgments with good old-fashioned statistical information, you can uncover sleepers who may slip under the radar on most lineups. These subtle, yet productive tips can be the key to producing consistently solid NBA lineups.